Samurai Blue and Yatagarasu – Mythical Crow


Now everybody is talking about the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

The Samurai Blue has advanced to the knockout stage. 


Characteristic of False Psychics, Religious People, and Spiritual Advisers


As we become more sensitive to spiritual things, we are more likely to receive inspirations or messages, and therefore, we are more at risk than normal people. 

In this article, I will describe the characteristics of people who receive false spiritual messages. 


How to Connect with Love

Sometimes you stray in a labyrinth of loneliness and lose sight of love. 


By disconnected from love (actually you are never disconnected), you can become aggressive and hopeless while being insecure and fearful. 


What I Want to Tell Those of You Who are Looking for a Place to Belong


Among the many misfortunes that can occur in life, not being able to find your place is a big one. 

Not being able to find a place that suits you and staying in a place that does not suit you is both a misfortune and a tragedy in life. 


To ET Souls - Why Alien Souls Are Reincarnated into Earth

Souls gathering from various planets see the world 

over the shining blue Earth 

They find the people on Earth are still in the darkness  


Hardship Humans Face and Power of Love

 In the coming era, circumstances will be increasingly severe all over the world, as if we were rapidly rolling down a slope! 

I have already warned you of several crises, but very few of you listen to me. 


How to Break Trough Life Barriers


In a long life, you will encounter a number of obstacles. 

 You may be frightened when you face barrier that seems insurmountable. 


Spiritual Message: Don’t Worry About Small Things.


In our daily lives, we are all gripped by trivial matters. 

We compare ourselves among small groups around us and feel happy or sad. 


Why is Religion Necessary?

 Since the murder of former Prime Minister Abe, the public has become more critical of religion and spirituality. 

The murderer is a religious denier and I think that is more problematic. But the religion that his mother belongs to has deep dark sides, so the public focuses more on that. 


Cleanup of Earth


On the global level, we are now in the middle of great purification!  

The Earth is full of a lot of uncleanness and corruption. 


Gods come from Universe?

Today, I’d like to take up this question “Are Gods in Greek, Egyptian and Indian mythology extraterrestrials?” 

The gods in Greek mythology are very human, they have various feelings and a lot of human-like stories.  


The past Life of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is a well-known clairvoyant, who has been called America’s “Sleeping 


He usually worked as a photographer, however, he was able to see through others and tell 


What Determines Whether We Go to the World of Light or the World of Darkness After Death?


We all live on this earth, but when our bodies eventually perish and we become souls, our souls will return to the spirit world, which is divided into various places. 

If you fill a glass with muddy water and stir and leave it for a while, the top of the glass will become clear and the mud will settle at the bottom. 

Looking at the glass from the side, you can see a gradation of colors, with the top part being transparent and the bottom part gradually becoming cloudy. 

Similarly, in the afterlife, those whose souls are light go to a higher, brighter, and clearer world, while those whose souls are heavy descend to a darker and more stagnant world. 

The bright and clear world is what we call heaven, the world of light. 

The dark and stagnant world is the world of disharmony, the so-called hell. 

The spiritual world is actually divided into several levels, as if it were a gradation, and which level one goes to depends on one’s state of mind. 

There are two main levels: the bright world of light (heaven) and the dark world of darkness (hell). 

So, how are deceased people divided into those who go to heaven and those who go to hell? 

People who think only about what society and other people can do for them will go to the world of darkness. Those who think about what they can do for society and other people will return to the world of bright light. 

Simply put, they are divided by such differences in the way of thinking. 

If you only think about what your parents, siblings, wife, husband, children, relatives, schoolmates, or people at work would or would not do for you, thinking, “I wish they would do this more for me” or “I wish they wouldn’t do that,” negative points will be added. 

In addition, if you always think, “the government doesn't support me,” “I need more government assistance,” or “the world is wrong,” you will gain more negative points. 

If you think about what you can do for the people around you, offer a kind word or a helping hand, you will get positive points. 

Furthermore, if you think, “What can I do for society?” or “I want to volunteer or do something to help others,” and actually take action to help society, positive points will be added. 

After death, these negative and positive points will be added up. If there are more positive points, you will go to a brighter world, and if there are more negative points, you will go to a darker world. 

Depending on the degree of positive and negative points, souls’ destinations can be divided into many worlds, but roughly speaking, it is determined by which of the positive and negative points are greater. 

The afterlife is not some old tale, and the distinction between heaven and hell in the afterlife is real. 

Those who realize this before their death and change their way of life are fortunate. 

Translated by Kyoko.u 


People Accept Life’s Major Tasks Before Birth

Before being born, you are prepared, to some extent, for events that will occur in your lives. 

You were born after knowing well the possibility that your parents would get divorced in the future. 


Spiritual Message: You Don’t Realize Most Important Thing

 I’d like to talk about a message I got by inspiration. 

The power that creates humans and all life is generated from the root of existence and keep us alive. 


The True Reason for Attracting Unhappiness

Despite the fact that people wish to avoid misfortune on the surface consciousness, they often attract it. 

I would like to discuss some of the reasons for this. 


Those Possessed and Guided by Evil Spirit


One of the questions I received was, "Even people who do evil seem to be successful in this world. Even in such cases, do their guardian spirits or other spirits guide such bad people? 


Awaken From Virtual Reality! Time Souls Leaped.

In the transition period, it is hard and cruel, but your soul can fly higher and it must be thrilling. 

Living in ordinary days, you have little experience your soul makes progress. 


Tom Cruise’s Past Life

I would like to bring up the question about Tom Cruise. 

Tom Cruise is an American movie actor who has appeared in “Top Gun”, “The Last Samurai”, “War of The Worlds” and “Mission: Impossible”. 


The Truth about Earth, the Planet of Love: Spiritual Messages

 This planet, Earth, is rich with life. 

There are various stars in the universe where life exists, and the Earth is one of them. 



Spiritual Message: To Gathering Lightworkers

Lightworkers stand on the earth 

with treasures given by Heaven. 


Humanity Trapped in Bestiality by Negative Aliens

 Throughout the long human history, humans have lived blindfolded in a dark material world. 


People who Move to New Earth and Those who Don't.

 Human civilization on this earth is no longer necessarily what is right and desired in the eyes of God. 

People have become so immersed in scientific civilization both physically and spiritually that they have forgotten reverence for the unseen, and have ceased to be grateful to God. 


Don’t Give in to the Dark Side


Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the media have fueled hated for Russia. 

When you are exposed to all sorts of tragic footage, hate and anger are building against Russia. 


Reasons We Can’t Stop Starting Wars : The Source of Hatred


There are many conflicts in the world and hatred seems to be spreading. 

What is at the root of the hatred? 


Who Triggers WWⅢ

 Many sacrifices were made during the First and Second World War, but there is someone who wants to drag the world into the Third World War. 

That is Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine. 


The Food Crisis is Coming

The footsteps of the food crisis are already coming closer and closer to our doorstep.  

Only recently has the food crisis started to be discussed. 

The war between Ukraine and Russia has started, and since both countries are producers of wheat and other crops, people are rushing to discuss the food crisis. 

However, I have been sounding the alarm about the food crisis for some time and have been telling people to be prepared. 

When the new corona epidemic broke out in Wuhan, I said that it would be a global pandemic and that it would be a long-term one, and it is happening now. 

I also predicted the coming food crisis and the economic crisis that will strike in the future.  

If the Japanese government had taken countermeasures from that time, there would still have been time, but even if they suddenly started taking countermeasures now, the situation would be difficult because there would be fewer steps to take.  

However, as individuals, there are probably many things we can do even now. 

I have not only warned about the food crisis on the basis of spiritual intuition, but I have also presented an analysis of the situation to make it easier to understand from a worldly point of view. 

For example, I have said that Ukraine and Russia are major producers of food, and that if imports from these countries are delayed, the world will be at risk. 

Furthermore, Russia and its ally Belarus are the world’s largest producers of potash fertilizer, and China, which is trying to get along with Russia, produces nearly half of the world’s phosphoric acid.  

If these countries were to unite to halt fertilizer exports as a countermeasure to Western economic sanctions, the world would instantly face a food crisis. 

Without fertilizer, crops can hardly grow.  

No matter how many fields there are and how many workers there are, if fertilizer is not available, production must be reduced. 

Natural farming without fertilizers will reduce production to less than half that of conventional farming. 

There is also organic farming, but if chemical fertilizers are in short supply, organic materials will inevitably become more difficult to obtain because of the competition for them. 

Even from the worldly perspective of analyzing the situation, it is clear that a food crisis is at hand. 

I hope that the prophecy of the crisis will not come true, but looking at the current situation dispassionately, it is gradually becoming more serious, and it seems inevitable that the food crisis will become a reality.  

I hope these words will reach many people. 

Translated by Kyoko.u 


The Hidden Truth


The information conveyed by the media contains impression manipulation. 

They do not always inform the truth as it is, they create the footage based on how the viewers feel. 

Causes of Mental Illness and Its Relationship to Spiritual Matters

There are many different kinds of mental illnesses. I believe that some people are judged as abnormal because they can see or feel the spiritual world, while others have mental illness caused by possession. 


It Gets Darker, yet Light Appears

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he is recognizing the independence of two breakaway regions of Ukraine. 

After declaring their independence, he ordered troops in Ukraine. 


Which Way will the Earth Go, Ascension or Descension?

 The earth is in the midst of change.  

People’s consciousness is also  

about to change. 


Cleanup of Earth and Support from Space


There are various types of darkness on Earth. 

We have two big problems: one is the deep state in America, while another is communism in China. 


Which Do You Seek: Present Pleasures, Future Happiness, or...?


There are mainly two types of people who seek happiness: those who seek current pleasure and enjoyment, and those who seek future profit and happiness. 


The Most Powerful Tool to Be Happy

 What is the most powerful thing to be happy? 

All of you are looking for happiness, but you don’t realize the most important tool to obtain it. 


The Biggest Thing We Can Do to Change the World

 The world is about to change in a big way. 

With all the political problems, natural disasters, epidemics, and other events going on, we may feel confused and anxious in our fast-changing world. 


Not just coronavirus! Time for great change.


The other day, the big eruption on the sea bed occurred in Tonga.  

A tsunami advisory was issued across Japan. 


Three Problems that Spiritual and Good People can Fall into

I think many of the readers of this blog are good people who are interested in spiritual matters, or who value spirituality, etc. 


Spiritual Message: Light Landing on Earth


Human nature is Light landing on Earth. 

Light, itself, is positive goodness and it expels evil spirits.