Gods come from Universe?

Today, I’d like to take up this question “Are Gods in Greek, Egyptian and Indian mythology extraterrestrials?” 

The gods in Greek mythology are very human, they have various feelings and a lot of human-like stories.  

For example, Zeus, the supreme god, has a wife named Hera, but he has affairs with many other goddesses and human women, so his jealous wife Hera got furious. 

Like this, gods having such a human life would be existence that actually lived as a human being with a physical body. 

As time goes on, they are deified and passed down to the next generation as gods because of their greatness. 

On the other hand, in the world mythologies, there is tradition that suddenly gods descended from the sky, taught people culture and technology and then returned to space. 

In this case, actually, aliens came to this planet in ancient times and showed people skills, after that, they went to the cosmos, not as living as human beings. 

In these myths, the gods that came from the sky were sometimes painted in murals and they have unusual appearance. 

Take Aboriginal myth as an example, they have a story about a god called “Wandjina”. 

Wandjina came from the Milky Way and suddenly appeared in front of the ancestors of the Aborigines and gave them civilization. 

They say that Wandjina had no mouth and communicated by telepathy. 

Wandjina told people not to fight, but to help each other. 

Even today, you can see wall paintings depicted Wandjina with large heads, big black eyes and no mouths. 

They resemble the figure known as famous alien “Gray”. 

Thus, it can be extraterrestrials that the deities who suddenly came from outer space and gave us civilization were. 

In Egyptian and Indian mythology, you see gods with bird heads or appearance like animals. They are based on the descriptions people in ancient times saw. 

In the past, aliens from outer space are not only humanlike but also animal-like. 

Ancient people who witnessed these beings left their images in murals and rock paintings, then it remained as the images of gods. 

In the case I mentioned first, those who lived as human beings were deified later, many of them had souls that were reincarnated from other planets to the Earth. 

Therefore, one group is gods that visited the Earth in the form of extraterrestrials, the other is ones were born on Earth with a human body. 

We can say both souls are originated from the universe. 

                                                                                                                  Translated by Yoshi