The Pleiadians and the Swan Maiden Tale Ascension: The demise of Reincarnation

You may know the legend of “Hagoromo”― the robe of celestial maidens. 

I’d like to summarize the story.

Some swans flew down on a lake and bathed. They changed into celestial maidens. 

While they were bathing, a man glanced over the sight and he was fascinated by their beauty.  

He hid a magic robe made of swan feathers in order not to let a celestial maiden go back to heaven.  

One celestial maiden wouldn’t fly away, it meant she was unable to return to heaven.  

And then, the celestial maiden got married to the man and bore his children.  

Later, she found the hidden robe and went back to heaven. 

The story like this is also called “the Swan Maiden Tale” and it has been passed on by word of mouth in almost every culture. 

One of the famous stories is “the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades” in Greek mythology. 

Orion hunted with Sirius, his hound.  

One day, he bumped into beautiful Pleiades sisters in a forest. 

Orion liked them, so he chased and tried to capture them. 

However, Gaia, Mother goddess, saw this scene and transformed them into a flock of doves. 

Meanwhile they became stars in the sky. 

Later Orion was killed by scorpion’s poisonous stings. 

After that, one of the Seven Sisters fell in love with a man and came down to the ground. 

Since then, in the sky, Orion with Sirius following behind has been chasing the Six Sisters­Pleiades star cluster.  

From behind, Scorpius has aimed at Orion.  

Japan has the legends about “the robe of celestial maiden” all over the country. 

I guess the tale of “Princess Kaguya” is similar to this legend. 

They say Princess Kaguya was dropped to the ground because she had sinned in heaven. 

Next, I’d like to give my opinion­ ― what I felt after seeing through various people’s former life. 

The Pleiades is a harmonious planet without wars or crimes and people live in peace like the place depicted in “Ami, Child of the Stars”. 

From such a planet, a group of people have reincarnated to Earth to learn the truth. 

On Planet Earth, a lot of conflicts and sad events occur, so we were born to get through these experiences.  

Some people may feel that they had to come to Earth because they had sinned in the heavens­Pleiades star cluster. 

In fact, it may be correct to say that they were born on Earth to complete their missions in life. 

Some try to accomplish their missions and set the goal to end their reincarnation on Earth 

I thought a series of the events were told as ascension or the demise of reincarnation. 

Indeed, Planet Earth is a place filled with many wars and crimes, 

on top of that, people have different values and ideas. 

In other words, this place enables souls to learn like that steel is hit by a hammer. 

When I was a child, I had the feeling that I was born on Earth from a planet that was highly developed scientifically and spiritually.  

My planet seems to be different from the Pleiades. 

I was a bit uncommon child.  

Waking up in the morning, I felt I was still in this body and wondered when I would be able to go back to the real place. 

Therefore, I can understand why the idea of ascension comes to mind. 

It seems that some souls return to their home planets after completing their learning on Earth and carrying out their missions, like a kind of graduation exam. 

I believe the stories of such people were told as “the Swan Maiden” around the world. 

For your information, Pleiadians are often symbolized by swans.  

Though some souls that fulfilled their tasks go back to their home planets, the way I see it, most souls remain on Earth as teachers or mentors. 

Translated by Yoshi