Starseeds Struggling to Adapt on Earth

Lately, more people are finding it difficult to engage in everyday social activities due to 

challenges like fear of interaction, intense stress, social anxiety, and depression.

This may be because “Starseeds”—souls who originate from various stars of the universe—

are struggling to adapt to Earth.

I believe there are many Starseeds who struggle to adapt to Earth.

Of course, not all of them struggle, but many find it difficult to adjust to life on Earth.

Souls from across the universe that happen to be born on Earth sometimes develop 

adaptation disorders due to the differences in values between the stars from which they 

originate and Earth.

Souls from peaceful stars may find it particularly hard to adjust to Earth, a world rife with 

conflict and crime.

There are harmonious stars that seem like paradise compared to Earth.

And there are those who bravely choose to be born on this harsh planet from such 

harmonious places.

Earth is indeed a harsh place, but it is also a planet where we can learn about love, 

compassion, and the kindness of empathizing with others’ sorrow.

Earth is also a star of love, and a place where one can learn profound love.

This blog has the mission of conveying messages to the souls from the universe who came to 


In today’s age, many people do not even believe in the existence of souls, so it is difficult to 

convince them of the fact that souls from other stars are born on Earth.

There are differences in ways of thinking and values depending on the planet Starseeds 

come from. It is not easy to disseminate the fact that this reality creates a diversity of 

thoughts and values on Earth throughout the world.

I hope that as these truths spread, understanding and awareness of those who cannot 

acclimate to Earth will deepen. 

By understanding others, we become able to love them.

And if love spreads, the wounds of Starseeds suffering from adaptation disorders on Earth 

will also begin to heal.

Translated by Kyoko.U