What you should do for spiritual richness

 What you should do for spiritual richness 

In this world, even though you are surrounded with a lot of stuff and live a rich life, it is not the true value. 


Only those who are ready can be helped.

No matter how troubled a person is, the opportunity to help him or her will only come if the person wants help and is ready to receive it. 


Predictions for Humanity's Future Society: Will the Evolution of AI Lead to Utopia or Dystopia?

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to evolve, it is said that our jobs will be replaced by AI-equipped machines (robots). 


You are the protagonist of your life.


From a place with a fine view, I look over countless houses.  

You were born on Earth to accomplish something.

You were born on Earth to accomplish something. 

In the words of Ryoma Sakamoto, "To be born in the world is to accomplish something.” 


Those who seek the misfortune of others will eventually destroy themselves.

When you don't like someone, you can't help but want to drag them down or wish them misfortune. 

When a rival appears, we wish they were not there. 



A fake self and a true self

 The other day, there was a talk about Jitomyo as Buddha’s the last words on the TV program. 

The truth of “Ami: Child of the Stars”

Let me share my impression about the book “Ami: Child of the Stars”. 

I realized some people had souls that were reincarnated from other planets, when I saw through people’s previous life.