We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect


We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect 

We are not perfect and can’t do everything. 


Cherish the Encounters with People and Pave the Way


It is not easy for us to understand the souls of others. 

So we judge people by their outward impressions and actions. 


Reincarnation of Mu and Atlantis

The other day, I talked about the topic that people who lived in the last days of Atlantis were reborn today. 


Our Civilization Will Go the Way of Atlantis?

 Probably you have heard that there used to be a legendary land called the Continent of Atlantis. 

Plato, a philosopher, described this continent.  


Why are We Born into the World Where Suffering Exists? Spiritual Message

From the time we are born on earth, we experience sorrow, suffering, and separation from our loved ones. 


Big Events Hit Earth

The new coronavirus infection spread and it became a pandemic. 


“We’re putting love back into the world to remind the world that love is important.” -Michael Jackson

   He was dubbed the “King of Pop” and has been loved by music fans all over the world. 

It has been 12 years since Michael Jackson passed away.