The Strength to Overcome Times of Adversity

There are often times in life when we face challenges to endure. 

Not only do we have good times, but we also encounter unexpected events and experience times of adversity. 


To Become a Lightworker

 We need those who become a beacon of light when the world is getting darker. 

 The sun goes down and it gets dark outside, people may fall and get hurt, or something bad may prowl around, so people might be involved in crimes. 


Why Dreams and Hopes Don't Come True Easily: Spiritual Message

One of the reasons people are born on Earth, which is full of hardships, is to have many inspiring experiences. 


An inspiring experience is one that is soul-stirring. 



Samurai Blue and Yatagarasu – Mythical Crow


Now everybody is talking about the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

The Samurai Blue has advanced to the knockout stage. 


Characteristic of False Psychics, Religious People, and Spiritual Advisers


As we become more sensitive to spiritual things, we are more likely to receive inspirations or messages, and therefore, we are more at risk than normal people. 

In this article, I will describe the characteristics of people who receive false spiritual messages. 


How to Connect with Love

Sometimes you stray in a labyrinth of loneliness and lose sight of love. 


By disconnected from love (actually you are never disconnected), you can become aggressive and hopeless while being insecure and fearful. 


What I Want to Tell Those of You Who are Looking for a Place to Belong


Among the many misfortunes that can occur in life, not being able to find your place is a big one. 

Not being able to find a place that suits you and staying in a place that does not suit you is both a misfortune and a tragedy in life.