Spiritual Message: You Don’t Realize Most Important Thing

 I’d like to talk about a message I got by inspiration. 

The power that creates humans and all life is generated from the root of existence and keep us alive. 


The True Reason for Attracting Unhappiness

Despite the fact that people wish to avoid misfortune on the surface consciousness, they often attract it. 

I would like to discuss some of the reasons for this. 


Those Possessed and Guided by Evil Spirit


One of the questions I received was, "Even people who do evil seem to be successful in this world. Even in such cases, do their guardian spirits or other spirits guide such bad people? 


Awaken From Virtual Reality! Time Souls Leaped.

In the transition period, it is hard and cruel, but your soul can fly higher and it must be thrilling. 

Living in ordinary days, you have little experience your soul makes progress. 


Tom Cruise’s Past Life

I would like to bring up the question about Tom Cruise. 

Tom Cruise is an American movie actor who has appeared in “Top Gun”, “The Last Samurai”, “War of The Worlds” and “Mission: Impossible”. 


The Truth about Earth, the Planet of Love: Spiritual Messages

 This planet, Earth, is rich with life. 

There are various stars in the universe where life exists, and the Earth is one of them. 



Spiritual Message: To Gathering Lightworkers

Lightworkers stand on the earth 

with treasures given by Heaven.