Spiritual Message: Light Landing on Earth


Human nature is Light landing on Earth. 

Light, itself, is positive goodness and it expels evil spirits. 


Spiritual Truth: The Basics We Need to Know about Spirituality


What is the fundamental spiritual truth that we need to know? 


It is that our physical body is not our true nature, but the soul that resides in this body is our true identity. 



What pollutes Gaia

Talking about pollution on the earth, you focus on environmental problems and natural destruction. 


What is the Greatest Happiness Given to Human Beings?

 It is said that human beings were created in the image of God. 

I think the main reason for this is that we have a high degree of freedom. 


We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect


We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect 

We are not perfect and can’t do everything. 


Cherish the Encounters with People and Pave the Way


It is not easy for us to understand the souls of others. 

So we judge people by their outward impressions and actions. 


Reincarnation of Mu and Atlantis

The other day, I talked about the topic that people who lived in the last days of Atlantis were reborn today.