A Precious Spiritual Truth - We All Have Divinity

 We were born on the earth with physical bodies, but originally our essence is the soul. 

And we all have divinity, or Buddha-nature, in the depths of our souls. 


How to Overcome the Difficulties and Death - What is a Spiritual View of Life?


There are some things in our lives that are inevitable.  

They are the various difficulties we encounter along the way of life, and the death of our loved ones or our own. 


What is the meaning of religion?

From a spiritual perspective, life on Earth is like mandatory education. 
Every person on this planet is here to learn, and when their time comes, they either pass on to the world of Light or remain in this world.  


How to Change Your Destiny for the Better and the Roles of Guardian Spirits and Guiding Spirits

You may have heard the story that each of us has a guardian spirit. 

 Guardian spirits are beings that are like our soul siblings, and they share the same soul root as us. 


Feeling Alienated and Lonely? The Spiritual Reasons Why You Feel Out of Place in Society

Some people live feeling deeply lonely without any special reason, or unable to fit in well with those around them. 



For example, some people do not fit in with their friends at school, or even adults have trouble joining the circle of those around them. 



Beyond Israel-Hamas War

The Israeli military has launched an invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to barbaric acts by Hamas. However, many are concerned that the retaliation will cause serious damage to the civilians of Gaza, and the cycle of violence is unlikely to stop. 


The Difference Between Those Who Are Backed by God and Those Who Are Abandoned by Him

Some people in life are struck by misfortune as if they are falling off a cliff, while others become happier and luckier as time goes by.