What you should do for spiritual richness

 What you should do for spiritual richness 

In this world, even though you are surrounded with a lot of stuff and live a rich life, it is not the true value. 

Someday, when you pass away, you must leave all material possessions in this world. 

If you are a slave to materialism, you will degenerate spiritually. 

It is crucial that you hold something beyond the body and the substances and accept it to enhance your spirituality in this material world. 

You are successful and you become materially rich. 

As a result, you are obsessed with stuff, it means you rather get worse spiritually. 

You aren’t always rich, you don’t have a lot of things. 

However, you realize the existence that is not limited to material stuff and find the invisible value, so you will become spiritually wealthy. 

Now, what is a person who lives spiritually rich life like? 

A person who illuminates people losing themselves in the darkness 

A person who gives vigor to the exhausted. 

A person who heals the sick and the wounded  

A person who helps the weak  

A person who establishes justice in this world 

A person who tells the Truth 

If you do these actions for just one little person, you will make life worth living. 

The more you do these actions for other people, the richer life you have. 

However, if you make the little sad, give troubles and pains and harm them, you will reduce the value of your life. 

While you live in the material world, the bottom line is how much spiritual richness you have.     

 Translated by Yoshi