Only those who are ready can be helped.

No matter how troubled a person is, the opportunity to help him or her will only come if the person wants help and is ready to receive it. 

No matter how much you want to help someone, you cannot help them if they refuse your help or are not ready to accept it. 

For example, if someone is falling into a deep hole and you reach out to him from above, but they don’t return their hand or ignores you and heads deeper into the hole, you can't help them. 

If the person who is falling into the hole doesn't return their hand, they won't be able to get out of the hole. 

The desire to help this person somehow can become a source of suffering if it becomes too strong. 

For those who are not yet ready, watch them compassionately. 

And wait for the day when they are ready. 

Just look at them with love. 

And be there for them when they ask for help, when they are ready. 

They will need your help. 

And when they are ready, hold their hand back and pull them up. 

Translated by Yuki Naito