You were born on Earth to accomplish something.

You were born on Earth to accomplish something. 

In the words of Ryoma Sakamoto, "To be born in the world is to accomplish something.” 

There is always a reason why you were born in this time and place. 

We are all born on this earth with a unique personality. 

We take this for granted, but it is a miraculous event. 

We are born with different looks, different physical characteristics, different abilities, and different personalities. 

So how did we come to be born with such a miraculous birth? 

I believe that we were born to do something in this world. 

Everyone is born to accomplish something in this world. 

And when we have accomplished it, we return to the other world. 

To a greater or lesser extent, we are born into this world with the purpose of accomplishing something, and with miraculous odds. 

You are one of those miraculous beings. 

You, too, were born into this world, and you have a mission to fulfill. 

You will be alive on earth for less than a hundred years. 

On the scale of the universe, a hundred years is only a blink of an eye. 

Let's put this precious time to a good use and do what we can do now. 

Fulfill your mission. 

The more you live your mission, the happier you will be and the happier the people around you will be. 

Translated by Yuki Naito