The Difference Between Those Who Are Backed by God and Those Who Are Abandoned by Him

Some people in life are struck by misfortune as if they are falling off a cliff, while others become happier and luckier as time goes by. 
You may think that there are people who have a downhill life and people who have an uphill life. 
However, that is only when you look at it in a limited period. There is no one who is always on the rise or always on the decline. 
It is normal to have ups and downs in life. 
But if you look at only a certain period of a person’s life, some people may seem to be blessed by God, while others may seem to be abandoned. 
Why do such differences arise? 
People who seem to be supported by God are those who wish for things that benefit others, and who realize those things as their own mission, and who keep making efforts relentlessly. 
Some of these people are considered successful, and I think some of them are supported by God. 
Of course, even the successful ones will suffer a painful downfall later if they try to build their happiness on others’ misery, no matter how well they seem to do at first. 
Recently, a Japanese used car dealer, Big Motor, faced criticism for its misconduct, and the president and vice president stepped down.  
They had been running their business with a selfish mindset, and they didn’t care about their customers. 
That’s why they are in a tough situation. 
People who seem abandoned by God are those who are self-centered and only pursue their own interests. 
They are harming the interests of others, but it is resulting in harming their own interests as well. 
After all, those who work for others, find joy in it, and live earnestly receive God’s support.  
Those who think of their own interests may seem to gain in the short run, but they will be abandoned by God in the long run.  
Those who have been sincerely doing things that are helpful to others will succeed in the long run. 
It is important to live believing that God will watch over you if you live in the truth. 
Translated by Kyoko.u