Beyond Israel-Hamas War

The Israeli military has launched an invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to barbaric acts by Hamas. However, many are concerned that the retaliation will cause serious damage to the civilians of Gaza, and the cycle of violence is unlikely to stop. 

This issue has been discussed in our spiritual school, with a focus on the dangers of Israel's ground war and the possibility of a conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon. There are also concerns that the ongoing conflict could escalate into a war between Israel and Iran, which could eventually involve all nations of the world. 

As prophesied in the Bible, this could be Armageddon, a fight that divides the world. The prophecy of crisis will become a reality if nations don't take action to end this war. We are currently living in an era of Earth Changes, and the choices we make during this time will be pivotal for humanity. 

We need to remember that this is not just someone else's problem. If we do not act, the conflict will spread like wildfire and have global consequences. 

 Translated by Yoshi