Feeling Alienated and Lonely? The Spiritual Reasons Why You Feel Out of Place in Society

Some people live feeling deeply lonely without any special reason, or unable to fit in well with those around them. 



For example, some people do not fit in with their friends at school, or even adults have trouble joining the circle of those around them. 



Some of these people may think things like “Am I not an unnecessary person in this world?” or “Am I not a useless existence?” and underestimate their own value and belittle themselves. 



Why does this happen? 



One of the reasons is that some souls who have reincarnated from another planet to Earth and have not been here for long, struggle to adapt to the human life on Earth and feel isolated.  



They have lived in a different value system from Earth, so they are shocked by the difference in values when they come down to the ground. 



For the people from the harmonious star, who believe that living by helping each other is natural, they might be shocked to learn that most people on Earth act only for their own interests. 



As such, souls who have just arrived on Earth may experience feelings of alienation and loneliness because they are not accustomed to life on Earth. 



Other reasons may be that your experiences in a previous life have affected you and you feel lonely. 



For example, when a person was abandoned by a parent at a young age or experienced bereavement in a previous life, a deep sadness was engraved in the memory of their soul.  



Then, they start to wonder, “Did my parents not need me?” or “Why was I born?” 



Even if they don’t remember those memories now, they sometimes can’t fit in with the people around them because they have self-deprecating thoughts that they are an unwanted person for some reason. 



Also, in this life, they may have had such experiences, or they may have been constantly told negative words by their parents or the adults around them, and that may have affected them like a curse. 



In order to break such a curse placed on yourself, it is better to say positive words to yourself. 



For example, tell yourself that you are a child of God and Buddha or that you are a being with light, and you can dispel negative thoughts. 



As you do so, your negative fate will turn for the better. 



Translated by Kyoko.U