Earth’s Mission and Humanity’s crisis

It has been reported that, as of April 13, 2024, U.S. President Biden has issued a warning to Iran to “stop,” in anticipation of imminent retaliatory attacks against Israel. 

As is widely known, tensions between Israel and Iran have been escalating. 

In my book published last year, I predicted that the two countries might eventually go to war. 

This prediction is seemingly becoming a reality. 

Such a conflict has the potential to escalate into a third world war. 

Consequently, there is an increasing risk that Earth, due to human actions, is on the brink of extinction. 

First and foremost, Earth is not just for those of us who inhabit it; it is also a cherished training ground for souls, including those from other planets. 

Earth is a diverse planet capable of supporting a vast human population, now exceeding 8 billion individuals. 

Consequently, humans with a multitude of values and perspectives come together, fostering learning through amicable competition and collective advancement. 

Even from a cosmic perspective, Earth is an important and valuable place for the training of souls. 

Our true nature is that of the soul, existing originally as energy, unbound by a physical form. 

However, to elevate the soul, it takes residence in a physical body, gathering experiences as a human being on Earth. 

Indeed, Earth hosts souls that have reincarnated from various celestial origins. 

Reincarnation means that we have past lives, having lived different lives before we were born.  

Reincarnation is not only happening on Earth but also involves souls who are reborn on Earth from other planets. 

There are also those who depart from Earth and are reborn on other planets. 

Therefore, Earth does not belong only to us who are living now, but it is a precious place for all those who will be born here in the future. 

However, as materialism spreads, and with the increase in crime and wars, Earth is no longer becoming an ideal place for soul cultivation. 

Instead, by being born on Earth, more souls are becoming tainted by materialism and are falling into decay. 

Consequently, a transcendent plan by the universal will is in progress to transform the planet and rebirth it anew. 

I refer to this profound transformation as “Earth Change.” 

And it is intended to return the Earth to its original state as a place of training where souls can progress and elevate. 

I believe that since the year 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has occurred, and it has also brought about a change in people’s consciousness. 

Since then, Earth has begun to undergo significant changes, which are expected to continue until around the year 2050. 

By around the year 2050, the transformed Earth should be visibly clear to a certain extent.  

In other words, a new Earth will start to emerge. 

Until then, a variety of events are anticipated to take place on this planet. 

It is also a retribution of the karma that humanity has accumulated over the years. 

And the will of the universe will work to restore this Earth to its original state—a place for the training of souls. 

It is decided that change will occur, but it has not been determined what form it will take. 

Indeed, this implies the possibility of facing a very challenging future. 

However, I hope that the awakening of people’s consciousness will progress, allowing us to transition to the new Earth without encountering major disasters. 

It is likely that a certain level of disaster cannot be avoided. 

There should be several events that will shake the consciousness of humanity.  

I hope that major difficulties will turn into minor ones. 

This will depend on the consciousness of humanity. 

As more people awaken to their soul’s original mission and role of Earth, we may see a reduction in the scale of disasters. 

I hope that many people will transition to the new Earth in peace. 

Translated by Kyoko.U