When You Cannot Find the Meaning of Life


I believe everyone has moments where they wonder, “Does my life have meaning” or feel down and think, ‘I am worthless. 

Everyone faces challenges, experiences failure, and sometimes loses confidence in themselves.  

Even if things are going well for you now, it’s possible to encounter setbacks and failures in the future. 

It is normal for people to live through life with worries and troubles. 

The famous Chinese poet Li Bai is known for his profound verses.  

One of his well-known lines is: “Heaven has endowed me with talents; there must be a purpose for them.” 

This means “I must have a talent given to me by heaven, and there will surely come a time when I am needed by the world.” 

We are each born on Earth with unique individuality and talents.  

It is through these talents that we are destined to contribute to the world. 

And you, who are reading this blog, have an important role that you were born to play. 

This poem continues with the phrase “Though a fortune is spent, more will return.”  

This implies that even if one loses money, it can always be earned back. 

I think it suggests that there is always an opportunity to start over, no matter how many times one might fail.  

When we fail and are disheartened, we can lose sight of the meaning and value of our lives. 

However, it is important to believe that one day we will recover from our failures and that our talents will be useful. 

When we lose faith in ourselves, we become unable to emerge from the darkness. 

By believing that one day we will find the meaning of life, a path opens up for us. 

I often discuss such topics because, in the past, I have struggled to recognize my own worth more than others might have. 

However, I think it is precisely because I have experienced much suffering that I am now able to talk about things that can be helpful to everyone. 

If I had led a life of smooth sailing without deep worries, I probably wouldn’t have been able to offer much advice that would be useful to others. 

It is precisely because of past failures and setbacks that I am who I am today, and I believe that this contributes to the good of the world. 

I think there are also those among you who are currently going through challenging times, but those painful experiences will eventually become jewels that shine in your life. 

If you live with this belief, you will be able to rise from the depths of despair and journey towards a bright future. 

Translated by Kyoko.U