Is it a channeling message from poet? 『Rosa Alchemica』and W.B.Yeats

 I wrote this poem when I had an inspiration before. 


『Rosa Alchemica 


Happiness and sadness, 


All things are forgotten like the flow of a river; 


Loved one came and gone, 


Memories of sadness shared together, 


Joy of sharing excitement, 


All memories were lost, 


The soul begins a new journey in the moonlight; 


Precious things we have lost since we were born are placed “there”; 


On the face of the moon, 


Memories are crystalized and sparkling, 


Becoming the moonlight, 


Shining and lighting up a traveler; 


Those who forgot their bond, 


See the same moon as when they met; 


Only the moon remembers a far distant promise made by two persons in the previous life; 


When you are exhausted from journey of life and beaten by loneliness, 


Look up the moon, 


It is shining just like those days; 


A key has been placed in a golden casket made from karma of Earth and Water, 


and that of Fire and Wind, 


The person who got the key can get a secret rose. 




The above words came into my mind with inspiration, when I was thinking about Yeats who is an Irish Nobel prize winner for literature. 




William Butler Yeats(13 June 1865 ~ 28 January 1939) was an Irish poet, dramatist, prose writer. 


He was a member of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that was mystic secret society in England. 


He was born in Sandymount, Country Dublin, Ireland. He created works which featured the theme of mystical thought, and promoted the Renaissance in Ireland. It is also known that he was inspired by Noh, the Japanese classical drama. 


Referenced from Wikipedia  



He was a poet and also a mystic. 


Since I was interested in Celtic before, I have read his book The Celtic Twilight. However, I didn’t know much about his other books or poetical works. 


The other day, I read a book mentioning him, and I was thinking about him. The above words came into my mind then. 


So, I looked that up on the internet, and I found out that Yeats wrote a short story with the same title as Rosa Alchemica. 


I am often attracted by writer’s mind or spiritual beings when I read a book. 


I think this can happen to anybody. 


I have written before that we will probably be affected by listening to negative music. Books also will have a profound effect on us for better or worse. 


We may resonate with the author’s mind. 


By the way, I wrote the article A Journey of a Soul in this blog before, which refers to alchemy. I wrote it by developing my imagination after reading his Psychology and Alchemy, so I think I received support from Carl Gustav Jung. 


I also wrote a story A Picture Book of Johann before, which came into my mind with inspiration when I used to read fairy tales of Kenji Miyazawa. 


The message that into my mind with inspiration when I was reading a book Ami, Child of the Stars is the article titled Dear Space Brothers, which became the title of this blog. 


Writers write books with all their hearts. Therefore, you may be connected with a writer spiritually when you are reading his or her book. 


It may be better to read good books carefully and avoid bad books as much as possible. 

 Translated by Miya.s