The Power that Bad Situations Turn for the Better


Many people hope circumstances around them will get better. 

Some place themselves in unhappy situations and want to get out of the surroundings. 

For example, they are in impoverished conditions or are in a bad relationship. 

Then, the most important thing is that you should change your own mind – your state of mind – in order that things pick up. 

As our mind changes, the sight around us will become different. 

What we desire isn’t a match. 

What you think and what you feel is ALWAYS a match. 

If you don’t enjoy richness and always complain, poor conditions will be pulled toward you. 

If you focus on other people’s faults rather than their virtues, they do your faults. 

If you are overwhelmed by anxiety or distress, you will draw illness or unfortunate incidents. 

If you are deeply satisfied with your daily life and filled with gratitude, you can obtain abundance. 

If you love good in others, they will love you and treat you kindly. 

If you are full of hope and joy, you will have a brilliant future. 

Rather than external reasons, changing our mind is a big factor to get better surroundings.   


Translated by Yoshi