What is the Meaning of the Agony and the Grief? -Listen to Spiritual Messages.


Sometimes people blame others or themselves for the agony and the grief happening under their nose. 

It is a defensive reaction to protect the ‘self’. 

You need to face the problem with a tranquil heart without losing yourself.  

You should not put the blame on others, should not act violently.  

You should not worry too much, should not consider yourselves weak. 

You should calmly accept what is happening. 

What do the gods and Buddha tell you through the problem at hand? 

You should find the answer to the problem. 

You should think the tasks you need now appear because you must have something to learn.

For instance, you may stay in the hospital for illness. 

Then, you shouldn’t blame others ―as "Stress from work or family causes illness” 

You shouldn’t blame yourselves in this way “I’m a failure because I’m in poor health.” 

You accept the current situation and consider what you can learn from the disease. 

Probably, you worked around the clock, so didn’t have time to contemplate yourself.  

You may have the opportunity to think about the importance of family, the value of health and your past. 

Perhaps, you will experience setbacks, for example, you are slow to get promotion, can’t get into your first -choice school or corporation. 

On those occasions, you quietly accept the occurrence and consider what you need to learn. 

You may be full of yourself if you pass the first time round or succeed. 

That is why you may dare to experience failure.  

It may tell you that life is not simple, but tough. 

Like this, through your life, you should think what the gods and Buddha tell you, and what you can obtain from that experience. 

It is no accident that things happen in your life. 

That has the meaning and you should accept it, because everything happens for a reason.  

If you do so, you can open a new chapter in life. 

  Translated by Yoshi