Great Change in Universe

 In recent years, we have faced unfortunate events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. 

I guess you feel that we are in a period of hard times, in addition, this year we are just about to move into a time of real change. 


Why were We Born on Earth?


As you know, we were all born on Earth as human beings. 

Human nature is a free being called soul. What is the reason why we dared to be born on Earth? 


What will happen this year?

The Covid situation has settled down and we feel things are getting back to normal. 

So many people hope that this year will be good. 


The Strength to Overcome Times of Adversity

There are often times in life when we face challenges to endure. 

Not only do we have good times, but we also encounter unexpected events and experience times of adversity. 


To Become a Lightworker

 We need those who become a beacon of light when the world is getting darker. 

 The sun goes down and it gets dark outside, people may fall and get hurt, or something bad may prowl around, so people might be involved in crimes. 


Why Dreams and Hopes Don't Come True Easily: Spiritual Message

One of the reasons people are born on Earth, which is full of hardships, is to have many inspiring experiences. 


An inspiring experience is one that is soul-stirring.