Who holds the power to start and prevent a potential nuclear war?

 The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia may lead to a catastrophic event if not resolved. 

The threat of a nuclear war is rising.  

Unfortunately, I am wondering how many people find out the severity of the situation. 

Additionally, it is difficult to determine who initiated the conflict, with some pointing fingers at the globalists or neocons known as the Deep State (DS).  

These individuals have a history of instigating wars for their financial gain and to shape societies to their preferences. 

The following is the best person who has been a vocal opponent of the DS. 

Yes, that is Former U.S. President Donald Trump!!! 

As you know, He was charged with criminal activity.  

It suggests they view Donald Trump as a threat.  

We need to recognize that the media often distorts the truth and manipulates public opinion.  

Many people in Japan, for example, blindly follow the media's portrayal of Russia as the aggressor and Trump as a crazy person. 

In reality, the truth is far more complex, and people must begin to question the information provided by the media.  

Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin may be the key figures fighting against the DS, but they are often painted as villains. 

We must awaken from the illusions created by the media and take action before we go down a more dangerous road. 

Let me hope that more people will come to understand this truth. 

Translated by Yoshi