The Characteristics of the Souls that Fall into the Animal Realm

 The number of people on earth today who will fall into harsh worlds after death is increasing. 

For example, in Japan, I fear that perhaps more than half of people alive today will go to such worlds after death. 

Thus, I hope that you will not think of it as someone else’s problem, but rather learn about harsh worlds. 

I blogged before about a friend of mine who—after his death—went to a dark world where wild dogs roam.  

It was a dark and humid world, dotted with reddish-black magma pools. 

I saw two wild dogs running around barking in that world. 

They were black and skinny and starving, and they snarled and growled with their sharp teeth exposed. 

Later, I felt that these two wild dogs had once lived as humans on earth. 

However, after they died, they seemed to have fallen into the animal realm taught in Buddhism, and were transformed into the form of wild dogs. 

Looking more closely at these two wild dogs, I felt that they were a couple before they died. 

This couple seemed to have fallen into the same world together. 

What I could sense about their lives before they died was that they were both addicted to gambling, especially pachinko. 

I could also see that they had a child and were yelling at the school staff about their child. 

They also complained about many things and often stormed into their neighbors’ homes, yelling at them. 

In addition, they often complained to stores and other places about anything to get money, goods, or services. 

They did not seem to go so far as to violate the law, but as mentioned above, they complained about everything and directed their anger at anyone around them. 

They must have been a couple of the same kind of people. 

I also saw that the couple were driving on the highway and didn’t like the way the car in front of them was driving, so they drove aggressively and lost control of the steering wheel, dying in an accident. 

After that, they seemed to fall into the dark world and turned into wild dogs. 

And they are always tormented by hunger, roaring and running around. 

In the spirit world, there are indeed animal realms, as Buddhism teaches. And depending on the tendencies of our thoughts during our lifetime, we may fall into such a world. 

As I mentioned earlier, some people turn into animals after they die. What kind of animal they turn into depends on their thought tendencies. However, they all lack noble values and seem to live with a strong sense of greed. 

We all need to live our lives with this in mind. 

Translated by Kyoko U.