How to Overcome the Difficulties and Death - What is a Spiritual View of Life?


There are some things in our lives that are inevitable.  

They are the various difficulties we encounter along the way of life, and the death of our loved ones or our own. 

Not a single person can escape those difficulties, and we have to face them by ourselves. 

What matters when those difficulties arise is whether you have a materialistic or a spiritual view of life, and your way of perceiving them will change greatly depending on it. 

From the materialistic perspective that humans are beings thrown into this world by chance and that death is the end, the difficulties you encounter in life are nothing but bad luck. 

You may think that there is no meaning in them, and that they just happened by accident. 

For example, even if you went through a disaster and had a painful experience, from a materialistic point of view, you would think that it was just bad luck and that there was no meaning in it. 

But how about from a spiritual perspective? 

When we think from a spiritual perspective, we may believe that there is always a meaning to why we were born, and that each one of us has a purpose for being born. 

And we believe that there is some meaning behind the events that happen in our lives, and that there is a message for us in them. 

We may wonder, “What is God trying to teach me through this event?” 

We also may think that by going through difficulties, we appreciate our everyday lives more, and we are expected to play a role in helping and supporting those who face similar challenges in the future. 

In this way of thinking, we find meaning in the events of our life and regard them as a blessing for our life. 

This is what we call a spiritual view of life.  

It’s not about enjoying ghost stories or being interested in aliens. 

It is important to have a mindset that seeks meaning in your own life and others’ lives and strives for the growth of your soul. 

Translated by Kyoko U.