What is the meaning of religion?

From a spiritual perspective, life on Earth is like mandatory education. 
Every person on this planet is here to learn, and when their time comes, they either pass on to the world of Light or remain in this world.  

Death is the end of this mandatory education, and we must prepare for the postmortem entrance exam to move on to the next world. 

Religion is like a preparatory school for this exam. If a person does not pass this examination, they are not yet ready to return to the world of enlightenment and will be reborn to learn again.  

Some people may be able to return to the Light world without learning religion by studying on their own and passing exams. 

However, if you have prepared for this exam before taking it, it will certainly be easier to pass.  

By joining a religious organization and learning, we can improve our souls and character, making it easier to pass the exam and return to the world of Light. 

But just joining a religious group is not enough. We must also improve ourselves by learning the teachings. 

Some people may misunderstand that they will be able to return to Heaven just by joining a religious organization.  

Regardless of religion, the entrance exams are conducted fairly, and some people pass while others don’t. 

Some have the misconception that "I am a member of this school, this religious body, so I am great. Those who don’t learn in this school are foolish."  

But this kind of thinking corrupts their souls. No matter how good the school is, if you go in the wrong direction, you will not return to the world of Light. 

Religious groups tell us that if you join them, you will be saved, but, in reality, this is just a way of spreading the teachings, not a way to return to nirvana.  

Some religions teach more advanced teachings, while others teach more basic doctrines. 

It's not important which religious foundation we belong to. What matters is the effort we put into self-improvement. 

 Translated by Yoshi