The Hidden Truth


The information conveyed by the media contains impression manipulation. 

They do not always inform the truth as it is, they create the footage based on how the viewers feel. 

In this way, people are unknowingly controlled by the media and are being led away from the truth. 

How many people know that neo-Nazis have been gaining power in Ukraine? 

A lot of people don’t know the fact that Russian residents have been persecuted by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, just as Nazi Germany massacred Jews in the past. 

You will not be told that Russian special forces have rescued hundreds of children, who were victims of child prostitution in Ukraine, from confinement facilities. 

You assume that Russia is evil and must be condemned, refusing to listen to others’ perspectives. 

And then, believing the fake news that Russia indiscriminately attacked Ukrainian civilians, you are convinced that you must be right. 

The TRUTH is hidden. 

You criticize and attack Putin for starting the war and you will feel relieved that justice is on your side. 

But what if something that the media report to us is not true? 

What if someone who seems to be evil is fighting against the great darkness in the world? 

Sometimes victims and perpetrators are opposite!  

The media are very great at portraying culprits as casualties and vice versa by cutting out information. 

You can find many cases that those who brainwashed by the media believe wrong justice. 

I’ll say it again. 

The truth about the world is concealed. 

The media manipulate people to keep them away from the TRUTH. 

We really need to awake and realize what is really going on. 

   Translated by Yoshi.