It Gets Darker, yet Light Appears

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he is recognizing the independence of two breakaway regions of Ukraine. 

After declaring their independence, he ordered troops in Ukraine. 

People in the world have had a tough time because of COVID-19 crisis, besides the confusion is expected to worsen. 

As I said before, this Pandemic is just the beginning, and human beings will have to overcome many more difficulties. 

If economic sanctions imposed on Russia continue, it will cause significant disorder. 

It is a time when the world situation is getting worse and worse.  

Meanwhile we are entering a time when people know the Light and seek it. 

If nothing happens, you may spend lazy days without looking for the Light. 

But in times of crisis, you can’t help seeking the Light of TRUTH. 

When people crave for the Light, it will come down. 

You seem to live in periods of darkness, however it is also an age that contains Light.  

Just as the light of life shines in the midst of the labor pain, the age of Light is coming. 

Light is something illuminates the TRUTH, shining in the darkness and showing people the TRUTH. 

It is Light that wipes away the covered cloth and lets the world know the TRUTH. 

On top of that, Light is also the power that warms us. 

Light is the heat that keeps us warm.  

Without it, we would freeze in the darkness. 

The important thing is to figure out if the Light is real or not. 

Don’t be misled by authority or titles and lose sight of the TRUTH. 

You may hear people say that Light is here or there. 

You may find a lot of fakes that trick people. 

We are tested whether we can reach the Light of TRUTH and stay with it. 

  Translated by Yoshi