Which Way will the Earth Go, Ascension or Descension?

 The earth is in the midst of change.  

People’s consciousness is also  

about to change. 

However, it doesn’t mean that the earth will go in the right direction just by waiting and doing nothing. 

Some people believe that in the near future, the earth and human consciousness will undergo ascension, and the earth will be reborn into a wonderful world through the dimensional ascension. 

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of dimensional decent, called descension. 

Don’t you feel that the consciousness of many people is descending rather than rising in dimension, with negative thoughts being amplified? 

With the corona disaster, some people are consumed by anxiety and fear, while others do not want to see the negative things and escape from reality into an optimistic world. 

The consciousness of many people in the world remains in such a low dimension. 

There are people who get caught up in negative thoughts such as anxiety, fear, and conflict. 

On the other hand, there are those who turn away from the shadows and rely on the illusion that the earth will soon ascend or be reborn into a new and wonderful world. 

I feel that the level of consciousness of the people of the earth has been going down, rather than up. 

In terms of politics, the totalitarian trend that eliminate people’s freedom, order them around, and punish those who do not follow orders is accelerating. 

If the current situation continues, there is a high risk that the earth will experience descension instead of ascension. 

If this happens, a reset of the planet will occur. 

The tragedies that once occurred on the continents of Mu and Atlantis will be repeated. 

At the end of these ancient civilizations, the consciousness of the people also declined and descension occurred, leading to the resetting of the civilizations.  

Is the earth really heading for ascension today? 

Are people’s consciousnesses improving and moving toward dimensional ascension? 

Unfortunately, I don't think so.  

Actually, I feel that the consciousness of the people of the earth is descending to a lower level. 

Each and every one of us must raise our awareness and overcome this era of the earth change. 

I often tell the readers of this blog about worldly crises.  

But what is really important is our consciousness and the growth of our soul.  

Even if we are able to escape from the disaster, if our soul is corrupted, it makes no sense.  

True self-transformation is necessary. 

Those who reflect on themselves and are reborn are the ones who should live on the new earth and overcome the age of earth change. 

I have to tell you that if the current situation continues, not all people will ascend, but rather many people will descend.  

I hope that more and more people will move towards true ascension. 

Translated by Kyoko.u