Cleanup of Earth and Support from Space


There are various types of darkness on Earth. 

We have two big problems: one is the deep state in America, while another is communism in China. 

In the past, the Soviet Union was a threat to the Earth and the tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union might have led to the destruction of this planet. 

If the relation between these two countries had deteriorated, by the end of the last century, a nuclear war would have broken out and the human race might have been wiped out. 

However, we overcame several crises, and so the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the tensions disappeared. 

Before now, our brothers in space secretly assisted us to avoid human extinction. 

Actually, they supported the U.S. and helped the disintegration of the Soviet Union. 

In fact, some American presidents during the Cold War had direct contact with our brothers in space. 

In this way, they aided us to avert a crisis on Earth. 

Our comrades in space have been supporting humans. 

They made an attempt that Mr. Trump would remove the darkness in the U.S. and China. 

In America, big-name politicians, high-ranking government officials, executives in IT, financial and media companies, other tycoons and some Hollywood celebrities, they have organized a shadowy network to manipulate America and the world. 

These secret organizations have become gradually powerful, and they did evil conducts, it was getting worse and worse. 

Some of them were Satanists, and kidnapped children were sacrificed to them. 

I hesitate to talk about the details because it’s too horrific, if you want to know that, you can search for “Epstein Island” or “Pedophile Ring”. 

To fight this darkness, Donald Trump came on the stage. 

The former president Trump was trying to expose the dark sides in the country and bring back justice. 

Although enemies were hiding in every organization and they were deeply involved in government agencies. 

Therefore, many traps had been set to undermine Mr. Trump and he was regarded as a bad person by media manipulation. 

On top of that, you found an attempt to drag down Mr. Trump by a rigged election. 

Mr. Trump was trying to reveal and fight the darkness and he has been supported from the Universe. 

He was selected to clean up and purify the darkness on Earth. 

There was a plan that he would expose the darkness and all big names, who were involved in evil and didn’t get caught because the dark forces protected them, would be arrested. 

If this plan had been carried out, many famous people might have got caught. 

People in shady group must have been arrested. 

By doing so, the darkness was supposed to be eradicated.  

Yet, the dark side was resisting as they didn’t want to collapse. 

Hence the shadow side manipulated the votes and prevented Trump’s reelection with all their power. 

Almost all of Japanese media are also swallowed into the darkness and unable to tell the TRUTH. 

Don’t be deceived by mainstream media, you should ascertain the TRUTH with your own eyes. 

Mr. Trump is a person who has been supported by the Universe and has been working for the purification on Earth!  

   Translated by Yoshi