Which Do You Seek: Present Pleasures, Future Happiness, or...?


There are mainly two types of people who seek happiness: those who seek current pleasure and enjoyment, and those who seek future profit and happiness. 

People who seek only the pleasure in the present time might think, “If I have fun now, that will be enough.” 

Such people always try to get pleasures without hesitation and do not care about the future as long as they are happy now. 

For example, if they see a piece of delicious-looking cake in front of them, they will eat it right away. 

Eating cake makes you feel good and gives you pleasure, but it also causes your future health concerns and weight gain. 

You may feel good and happy when you are eating the cake, but it can cause bad things in the future. 

People who prioritize their current pleasures fall into this type. 

For another example, those who indulge in alcohol also seek the immediate pleasure and turn away from the suffering that will follow. 

There are some people who are easily attracted to the opposite sex. If they have a partner and are dating someone else, it means that they are also the type of people who turn away from future danger and seek the immediate pleasure. 

People who are into gambling are also pleasure seekers of the moment. 

It is fine for now, but they will have a big bill to pay in the future.  

They may feel good now, but their future is going to be tough. 

Next, I will talk about the type of people who sacrifice the pleasures in the present time for future happiness. 

For example, such people refrain from eating even the most delicious food, thinking, “I'll get fat if I eat this,” or “I’ll get sick in the future.” 

For another example, people who are passionate about their studies will save their time from playing games and hanging out with friends in order to get into a good university or get the job they want in the future, and devote more time to their studies.  

Those who are devoted to sports also endure rigorous training and practice for the happiness of the future. 

This type of people suppress their current pleasures and strive for future pleasure. 

They may have a hard time now, but they will gain more in the future. Many successful people fall into this type. 

So far, I have mentioned the two types of people. Now, I want to add one more type of people. 

It is the type of people who live their lives in a way that they enjoy the present and live for the future as well. 

I think that most of the things that we do for the future and make efforts are things that we don’t like to do. 

We put up with some kind of effort, even if we don’t like it, because we think it is for the future.  

Whether it is studying, practicing sports, working, or training, there are many things that we do reluctantly. 

However, I think the happiest thing is that doing what you love will also lead to happiness in the future.  

As the saying goes, “What you love to do is what you can do well,” and if you love what you do, you will improve quickly. If you don’t like what you are doing, you will never be able to beat those who love to do the same thing. 

It is the one of the happiest things that what you love to do becomes a source of future benefit and success. 

In this world, there are people who hate their jobs.  

Even if they don’t like their jobs, they are forced to do it in order to get paid. 

This means they will not be able to do much work, and they will be spending a lot of time doing something they do not like. 

It is best to master what you like and that will lead you to success.  

I believe the best thing is that you can also build your future success by pursuing what you love. 

Look back at yourself and think about what you like to do. 

If you can not find what you like to do, then try to find something you like in the job you are given now. 

There is a way to make a career out of what you like, and there is also a way to like what you do in your job. 

In any case, as I mentioned above, I think the happiest path is to do things that make you feel happy now, which will also lead to happiness and success in the future. 

Translated by Kyoko.u