The Biggest Thing We Can Do to Change the World

 The world is about to change in a big way. 

With all the political problems, natural disasters, epidemics, and other events going on, we may feel confused and anxious in our fast-changing world. 

Even though we wish to change the world and make it a better place, we sometimes lament that we are powerless to do anything about it. 

Then, what is the biggest thing we can do to change the world? 

The first step is to change the way we think. 

It means changing the way we look at the world, others, and life.  

Changing the way we think will eventually change the world. 

If we neglect the problems in our minds and try to change the world by tinkering with the social system, the darkness of the neglected minds will be projected onto the world and new problems will arise. 

The first step is to talk to our heart and face the problems we have neglected or the life tasks we have forgotten about. 

By facing these neglected problems and using the principle of reflecting on and improving ourselves, we can change. 

The changes in your mind will lead to changes in the world around you, which will eventually lead to changes in the world. 

It is not good to desperately try to change only the world. 

It is only putting the problems off. 

Facing and solving the problems in our minds will eventually lead to changes in the world.  

If you want to change the world, it is important to change yourself first. 

Translated by Kyoko.u