Not just coronavirus! Time for great change.


The other day, the big eruption on the sea bed occurred in Tonga.  

A tsunami advisory was issued across Japan. 

The areas in Tonga are still actively volcanic. 

Before that, the submarine volcano in the sea around Japan erupted. 

Floating pumice from the eruption washed ashore on Okinawa and the Ogasawara Islands. 

A lot of people are focusing on the Coronavirus Pandemic, however, I have been warning that various events will hit from now on as well as the COVID-19. 

It means Earth change for a new era will have been proceeding. 

If humans don’t change, we would not be able to move forward into the Earth’s future in our current condition. 

We need to change our awareness. 

So different kinds of events are happening all over the world now. 

We will see worse things. 

If people’s consciousness is drawn into darkness, a large-scale reset will hit Earth. 

I had warned this problem ambiguously, to put it clearly, there is a possibility that the world’s human population might drop sharply by catastrophic disasters. 

I guess many people don’t listen to my warning and live the same way as before while taking their eyes off the reality. 

For that reason, bigger events will hit the world and people will be shocked. 

I’d like all of you to pay attention to important matters. 

          Translated by Yoshi