Three Problems that Spiritual and Good People can Fall into

I think many of the readers of this blog are good people who are interested in spiritual matters, or who value spirituality, etc. 

However, there are some problems that such spiritual people tend to fall into, so I will discuss three points to keep in mind. 

Knowing and taking care of such problems in advance may save you from stumbling over them. 

First of all, good people who are interested in spirituality tend to believe in others soon and are deceived easily because of their goodness. 

People who are fascinated by fortune-telling often have such a tendency. 

Such people may not be able to see the evil intentions of others, and may believe them, only to be betrayed later. 

I often hear stories of people who become addicted to fortune tellers and become dependent on them, only to be swindled out of large sums of money by them. 

As another example, if you have been repeatedly betrayed and hurt by people you believed to be your best friends, you may want to check yourself to see if you have this tendency. 

Secondly, good and spiritual people tend to be overly devoted to others out of love, and as a result, corrupt them. 

For example, a mother who is overly affectionate may spoil her children and raise them to become irresponsible adults. 

There was a news story about that the son of a famous actress was arrested for the second time for drug use. I think this was partly because that she spoiled her son out of too much love. 

Even in political issues, I believe that there are many good and loving people who are interested in helping the weak and eliminating poverty, but if they go too far, they tend to corrupt others. 

For example, there are people who work hard and live a serious life, while there are people who do not work much and indulge in gambling or drinking, receiving subsidies and welfare. 

In some cases, it is easier to live off the government money than to work hard, so they don’t work and turn to entertainment. 

This is another case of being overly compassionate, which takes away their motivation to work and ruins them. 

Thirdly, there are cases where a person leads a self-sacrificing life, giving too much priority and respect to others.  

For example, some people may be in a situation where they are supporting their husbands who spend money on gambling and other women, but they cannot divorce their husbands. 

As a result, they will not only make themselves unhappy, but they will also allow such people with bad deeds to flourish.  

Good people tend to care so much about the other person that they have lost the idea of loving themselves and valuing their own life. 

We human beings are born with a mission from God to bring light into this world, and we need to value our own lives, so we should not be too self-sacrificing and neglect ourselves too much. 

Good people tend to respond only reluctantly to those who actively do evil, thus emboldening the evildoers. 

Some people who actively plot evil try to take advantage of or prey on the good intentions of others. 

Sometimes good people are not be able to deal with such malicious people, and as a result, they allow evil to flourish. 

Even those who are just patient with their violent husbands are encouraging their husband’s evil in some ways. 

They are unable to make brave decisions or take action, and have no choice but to be indecisive and patient. 

This is also the case in international politics. For example, former U.S. President Barack Obama was a good man, but he could only show passive attitude toward evil leaders in foreign countries, and his only solution was to be patient and try to get by. 

As a result, he has embolden those evil leaders in some ways. 

As described, it is good to keep in mind that people with good souls tend to have the problems listed above. 

Translated by Kyoko.u