The Food Crisis is Coming

The footsteps of the food crisis are already coming closer and closer to our doorstep.  

Only recently has the food crisis started to be discussed. 

The war between Ukraine and Russia has started, and since both countries are producers of wheat and other crops, people are rushing to discuss the food crisis. 

However, I have been sounding the alarm about the food crisis for some time and have been telling people to be prepared. 

When the new corona epidemic broke out in Wuhan, I said that it would be a global pandemic and that it would be a long-term one, and it is happening now. 

I also predicted the coming food crisis and the economic crisis that will strike in the future.  

If the Japanese government had taken countermeasures from that time, there would still have been time, but even if they suddenly started taking countermeasures now, the situation would be difficult because there would be fewer steps to take.  

However, as individuals, there are probably many things we can do even now. 

I have not only warned about the food crisis on the basis of spiritual intuition, but I have also presented an analysis of the situation to make it easier to understand from a worldly point of view. 

For example, I have said that Ukraine and Russia are major producers of food, and that if imports from these countries are delayed, the world will be at risk. 

Furthermore, Russia and its ally Belarus are the world’s largest producers of potash fertilizer, and China, which is trying to get along with Russia, produces nearly half of the world’s phosphoric acid.  

If these countries were to unite to halt fertilizer exports as a countermeasure to Western economic sanctions, the world would instantly face a food crisis. 

Without fertilizer, crops can hardly grow.  

No matter how many fields there are and how many workers there are, if fertilizer is not available, production must be reduced. 

Natural farming without fertilizers will reduce production to less than half that of conventional farming. 

There is also organic farming, but if chemical fertilizers are in short supply, organic materials will inevitably become more difficult to obtain because of the competition for them. 

Even from the worldly perspective of analyzing the situation, it is clear that a food crisis is at hand. 

I hope that the prophecy of the crisis will not come true, but looking at the current situation dispassionately, it is gradually becoming more serious, and it seems inevitable that the food crisis will become a reality.  

I hope these words will reach many people. 

Translated by Kyoko.u