Causes of Mental Illness and Its Relationship to Spiritual Matters

There are many different kinds of mental illnesses. I believe that some people are judged as abnormal because they can see or feel the spiritual world, while others have mental illness caused by possession. 

When they hear the voices of others in auditory hallucinations, they may be hearing whispers of spirits, and when they experience visions, they may be glimpsing the spiritual world. 

This is also true of drugs that cause hallucinations. I believe that such drugs can cause the drug users’ spiritual senses to run amok and they may see otherworldly things. 

I once saw a reenactment drama about an anorexic person who was unaware that she was thin and did not listen to the attention and warnings of those around her, and these seemed to me to be typical symptoms of being possessed by an evil spirit. 

When detrimental spirits possess and influence people, they become unable to reflect on themselves, prideful, and do not listen honestly to the opinions of those around them. 

The habit of self-reflection prevents possession. However, when they become unable to reflect, it becomes more difficult to get rid of the spirits that possesses them. 

I think it is possible that the anorexic was also possessed by some kind of spirit. 

Some mental illnesses may be due to brain dysfunction or physical causes, but some may be due to spiritual matters. 

Translated by Kyoko.u