Those who seek the misfortune of others will eventually destroy themselves.

When you don't like someone, you can't help but want to drag them down or wish them misfortune. 

When a rival appears, we wish they were not there. 


It's the same in sports, love and work. 


In sports, it's easy to perceive that you are always competitively losing because of strong rivals. 

If you have a strong rival and you're not winning championships, you're likely to be mean to them and drag them down. 


Even in love, if you like someone and that person likes someone else, you may turn against them. 


Even if the other person does not do anything wrong, they may be mean to them or bully them. 

They can't forgive others for getting the happiness they tried to get, so they pull others down or wish them misfortune. 


However, what we think about others will eventually come back to us. 


If you think in your mind, "I can't allow him to be happy, I wish he were unhappy," it will come back to you. 


I said previously that a subject enters the subconscious mind without a target. 

The subconscious mind doesn't judge who you are talking to, it just returns the words to you. 


The subconscious mind is secretly a big part of our lives, and it influences our destiny in ways we cannot see. 


When the words, "Be unhappy," enter the subconscious mind, even when they are said to the other person, any protection slips away and the person chooses to be unhappy with themselves. 


Therefore, you should be aware that your thoughts will come back to you one day, so you must be careful. 


If you want to be happy, you must wish for the happiness of those around you. 

If you want to be unhappy, you should wish for the people around you to be unhappy. 


You must know that one day your thoughts will come back to you. 

 Translated by Yuki Naito