You are the protagonist of your life.


From a place with a fine view, I look over countless houses.  

The scenery makes a mysterious impression on me. 

I’m moved that everyone lives their own life in each individual house as far as I can see. 

It is estimated 7 billion people live on this planet, each of them is leading a different life and what’s more, everyone acts as the main role in their dramas. 

When someone else sees you, they might think you are a supporting role, but you play the leading role in your life. 

Someone goes to work on a commuter train. 

Someone brings up children at home. 

Someone is sailing in a rough sea. 

Someone is wandering in a desert in search of an oasis. 

Someone lives in a slum area and is starving. 

Someone is fighting in a battlefield. 

On Earth, various types of people live and all of them act as the main roles in their own dramas. 

The Supreme Being called God is watching every drama. 

The drama you are playing hasn’t been completely arranged. 

You can rewrite another scenario. 

Co-stars are key components of the drama. 

You may watch the scene where characters are crying and feeling down. 

You will lose interest if you keep watching the scenes rich with joy and fun. 

You must be fed up with dramas nothing happens. 

For that reason, you go through various events in your life. 

You need to keep making an effort so that the last scene will be impressive. 

Even when you fall over and get hurt, you should stand up and keep going. 

Why don’t we make the life viewers are touched by? 

 translated by Yoshi