The truth of “Ami: Child of the Stars”

Let me share my impression about the book “Ami: Child of the Stars”. 

I realized some people had souls that were reincarnated from other planets, when I saw through people’s previous life.  

I am sure this book was written by the inspiration from these planets. 

I did a reading, so some were born on Earth by their own will from planets which were dominated by femininity. 

To put it differently, these planets were harmonious, beautiful and graceful without battels or disputes. 

For the souls coming from these planets, Earth was riddled with never-ending struggles and violence. 

It means, they needed a lot of courage when they were born on Earth 

as if Japanese people had moved to dangerous countries. 

As they had lived on harmonious planets, they had to experience grief and isolation after they came into Earth. 

Their souls were deeply hurt.  

They expected how tough it would be, but in some cases, they went through hardship beyond their imagination.    

I feel these souls need to be healed.  

Moreover, some people live on a planet that they are not conscious of individuals. 

The residents have built camaraderie, so they unite as one group. 

They have a lot of friends and communicate by telepathy. 

They share their thoughts and feelings nonverbally.  

Each of them has a strong sense of oneness with others. 

It can be said their sense is similar to that of ants and bees. 

On Earth, you can find different values and ideas and that is why those people have been attracted by this planet and have reincarnated there. 

These people are unique, therefore sometimes they find it hard to live there owing to incessant conflicts. 

In the meanwhile, on another planet, the residents value things differently, and the place is competitive. 

On that planet, one has been fighting against the others.  

They have been fighting all the time. 

They put their priority on individualism and desire to greatly improve themselves. 

They want to become number one and recognize other people as rivals. 

They judge who is stronger, who is in a better position because they live in a dog-eat-dog world. 

They tend to judge people on the basis of superiority or inferiority. 

It seems that souls have reincarnated from various planets with different values.  

They are roughly divided into two main types. 

One is the planet which emphasizes “harmony and peace”, another one places a premium on “competition and evolution”. 

In addition, the other planet sets a high value on the balance between “harmony” and “competition”. 

In my opinion, people with these various value systems gather and were born into Earth. 

For that reason, conflicts are created due to the difference in values, ideology and culture. 

I believe that this causes repeated wars. 

The residents on Earth have the theme that is how to unite and maintain a good valance. 

In the book “Ami: Child of the Stars”, love is the foundation in the whole universe. 

You can understand easily that “harmony and peace” is the sign of love. 

It appears that the idea of “competition and evolution” is opposed to that of love. 

However, you can say “harmony” shows gentle Mother’s love, “evolution” reveals strict Father’s love. 

Translated by Yoshi