Dear Space Brothers 4 :Spiritual Message

 In twinkling stars of this universe, many souls filled with light are living. 

Each of them has a different form and a different way of thinking. 

The Lord has nurtured and loved these unique souls. 

Thus the Lord desired, "If I bring these beautiful jewel-like souls scattered throughout the universe to Earth, they will certainly color Earth beautifully.” 

I am a cosmic deliverer. 

I have carefully delivered the souls whom the Lord loves to Earth. 

At times, I sadly watch at them turn against each other because of their different personalities. 

At other times, I am rejoiced to see them cooperate with each other, making the most of each other's strengths. 

I am a cosmic deliverer. 

It is my joy and pride to bring the souls whom the Lord loves, each with their own unique personality. 

The souls whom I bring from the harmonious planet, descend to the world where animal nature still remains, and they are hurt and sad because of their purity. 

The eyes that see them are always wet with sorrow. 

I respect the souls who have come down to bring light to Earth. 

I give thanks to those courageous souls who have come down to Earth and take on the pain and sorrow in order to move the earthlings from their animal nature to their divine nature. 

Translated by Kyoko.u