Effective Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Our spirit guides are always here to support and guide you, especially when you are at a crucial stage of life.  

However, in order to allow you to receive more spiritual guidance and support from your spirit guides, here are some important things to be aware of. 

 For one thing, if we human beings on earth are too stubborn or obstinate, your spirit guides cannot convey their messages to you appropriately. 

Even if your spirit guides try to give directions, their messages will not be given to you. 

After all, opening your heart, honesty and humility are key to receiving spiritual guidance.  

 If you're being stubborn or egoistic, perhaps you should try to be more honest and listen to the opinions of those around you. 

Especially, as we get older, some people just don't listen to what others have to say or don’t let young people get a word in.  

With regard to this point, you might want to be careful about that.  

Similarly, self-centered person with strong ego who can't think beyond themselves, these types of people could be very difficult to receive guidance from their guides. 

There is also something in common with the above-mentioned stubbornness. 

A self-centered person with little regard for others does not think deeply about the feelings of others. Such a way of thinking is just like having the shutter down in your heart. 

Moreover, when the shutter is down, the messages from the spirit guides will not come in. Stubbornness and strong ego will prevent you from feeling and recognizing the blessing. 

Accordingly, you may want to listen to the other person's opinion and refrain from self-centered behavior. 

When you're having frequent negative thoughts or emotions, it accumulates in your mind. 

This can be compared to a grimy glass window. The dust builds up slowly and eventually blocks the light. 

In other words, when you get stuck in a fear-based thought, such as anger, sorrow, jealousy, resentment, hatred, or despair, the window of your heart will fog up, thereby rays of light thrown from your guardian spirits will not reach you. 


Even when you are struggling with negative emotions and feelings, you should learn to let go of everything without collecting negative emotions and to see the positive side than the negative one. 

That attitude makes it easier to keep the relationship strong and keep those guides present with you.  

Translated by UCO