Dear Space Brothers 1 :Spiritual Message

Earth is a place that accepts souls from many different planets. 


These souls come to Earth bringing them with their own treasures of wonderful characteristics from their respective planets.

Let’s assume that there is a planet full of beautiful nature. On such a planet, people live together in harmony with nature and in gratitude for it.

The souls that came to Earth from such a planet teach us earthlings the value of nature, the importance of living together, and how to live with gratitude.


On the other hand, there are some planets where the environment is too harsh for life to live. 


On such a planet, in order to survive somehow, people have developed science and technology to create an environment where life can live safely. 


The souls from such a planet live in a way that contributes to the development of science and technology so that people can live in affluence and safety on Earth.


By the way, I heard that an inventor named Nikola Tesla said that he had lived on another planet and had reincarnated on Earth. 

The souls from these two different planets would say different things to each other about real issues.


For example, when they discuss the issue of building a dam, a soul from the former planet would suggest leaving nature as untouched as possible. 


On the other hand, a soul from the latter planet would want to build an artificial dam to ensure the safety of the people in downstream area and to generate energy for the enrichment of their lives. 


Even though these two have different opinions, it doesn't mean that one of them is wrong. In fact, both of them have right opinions, but sometimes they seem to be in conflict. 

There is something wonderful about both opinions. 


I also think one of the most conflicting issues in the universe is the understanding of love. 


There is a planet where there are few predators, where nature is abundant, and  where everyone can live in peace. 

Everyone lives together in harmony there.


When there is food available, everyone shares it with each other. 


If someone is sick, everyone who lives there worries about him or her. 


The souls from such a planet teach us earthlings to live in harmony with each other, to care for others, and to love each other. 


On the other hand, there is a planet full of huge carnivores like ancient dinosaurs on Earth. 


There is a strong leader leads everyone in order to protect the species on that planet.


They would say that they have to sense dangers and defend themselves so that they will not be destroyed. 


The former is like a mother's love while the latter is more like a father's love. 

Each of those souls from different planets is trying to teach us something good for Earth. 

However, the souls who came from such drastically different environments have a hard time understanding each other. 


There are also people from other planets who try to balance these different opinions that each has its own righteousness.


They are like traffic controllers and coordinators. 


In the universe, there are two main principles: the principle of love and harmony, and the principle of progress and development. 


This is because the universe is formed by balancing these two principles whose vectors seem to be against each other. 


If there is only the principle of love and harmony in the universe, the power to attract each other will become so excessive that the universe will begin to contract. As a result, everything will go back into one as it was before the Big Bang. 

The universe will return to the world where everything is “me” and no one else exists.


That may be wonderful thing, but it means that the world that God wanted, where the universe was born and all kinds of unique beings exist, would disappear. 


On the other hand, if the principle of progress and development is too excessive, the universe will continue to diffuse indefinitely, and the balance that is currently maintained (just like the Earth revolving around the Sun and the Moon revolving around the Earth) will collapse. As a result, the universe will become so diffused and lonely that we will not be able to see each other. 


To prevent such a situation from occurring, a coordinator is needed to keep the two principles in balance. 


Earth is a place where our “space brothers” who came from different planets in the universe meet.

Earth is also a planet where we can learn about our own nature and the nature of all people by learning each other's differences.


About "Dear Space Brothers 1"


I wrote down the article above, "Dear Space Brothers 1" (“Dear Space Brothers” is used as the title of this blog) by inspiration. For this reason, I think it is better to explain it a little more clearly and in more detail below, reviewing it. 

I think the idea that people have past lives is somehow accepted. However the idea that some people have past lives on another planet has not been widely recognized yet.


It is possible to have a past life on another planet and reincarnate on Earth. 

It seems that more and more people talk about this idea, and it is gradually becoming known to the people who are interested in spirituality.

Owing to researches on children who can remember their previous lives and regression hypnosis, the idea that people seem to have previous lives has been spread. In addition, the idea that there are reincarnations of souls originated outside Earth is also being gradually spread now. It seems to me that this is a step-by-step process of letting people know the truth.

There is probably an effort to spread the truth step by step in an invisible way.

As a result, the truth that souls from the universe come to Earth is gradually being spread now. Furthermore, it seems that their ways of thinking differ a lot depending on the planets that they came from. Every souls are bringing their own good characteristics to Earth, but they have different ways of thinking.


I think that even channelers haven't told us about such a thing yet.


Most of channelers say that there are more evolved planets than Earth, and that there are people who have come down from there to help Earth’s evolution. However, they may not yet be aware of that there are different characteristics and ways of thinking among the planets.


For this reason, I mentioned such differences a little in the article above.


I mentioned that each planet brings good things to Earth, but they have different opinions, and they are sometimes opposed to each other.


I think if we come to know that each planet has a different environment and a way of thinking, it will help us to understand each other, learn from each other, and respect each other.


Earth is a planet where various souls come from such different planets, and where various values mix and mingle. I feel that Earth is also a place to experiment to see what kind 

of harmony we can find even in such a situation. 

It would be easier to achieve harmony when there are only one species that shares the same values. Even in the situation where people with different values gather, we are trying to find a way to achieve harmony. 

There is a reluctance to accept immigrants in Japan because they think that the influx of people with different cultures and values will disrupt the harmony.


At the beginning of the article above, I wrote about a planet where people live in harmony with nature. There are ‘’several such planets, and the most typical one is like the one in the movie “Avatar”


In the midst of beautiful and great nature, they live in harmony with an emphasis on spirituality.


The Native American way of life on Earth is similar to that. I think their souls originally came from such a planet.

When such people are born on Earth, they would live like shamans and teach us to value nature and spirituality.


I think many of them become spiritualists today, because they emphasis on spirituality.


They may like power stones, herbs, and medicinal herbs, but they may not like machines.


On the other hand, there are some planets where the environment is too harsh for survival.


Let’s assume that there is a planet where the atmosphere is so thin that it is difficult to live on the surface and scientific cities are built underground.


The surface of the planet is heavily bombarded with harmful cosmic rays, and meteorites frequently hit the planet.


When a meteorite hits, the shock waves are traveled far and wide on the planet with thin atmosphere.


When people go up to the surface, they  wear something like space suits and ride on scooters-like vehicles that float in the air to get around.


In the underground cities, suitable environments for survival are scientifically maintained.


In these underground cities, they are also breeding creatures that are dying on the surface.


They act as a kind of Noah's ark.


On such a harsh planet, science and technology have developed, and people have been living by overcoming a harsh natural environment.


When the souls from such a planet come to earth, they would try to contribute to the development of science and technology in order to protect human beings from the harshness of nature and enrich their lives.


Nicolas Stella, who I mentioned in the the article above, and Edison the famous inventor, who once worked with Nicolas Stella, can be said to be souls who contributed to the development of science and technology.


As I mentioned the issue of building a dam as an example, the both sides probably have different views on the nature and development of technology.


It does not mean that one of them is good and the other is bad. If they do not understand each other, what they think is good for Earth will deny the other and cause disharmony.


It's not just a matter of right or wrong, and there can be a conflict of opinion even when both are right.


On Earth, there are souls from many different planets, but there are conflicts because they don’t try to understand each other's ideas.


Truth is like a polyhedral diamond with different facets, so you may not be able to grasp the whole truth if you look at only one facet. 

Translated by Kyoko.u