Why did the tortoise beat the hare?

Why was the tortoise able to beat the hare? What is the real reason? 


There is a famous fairy tale about the hare and the tortoise. 


A fast hare and a slow tortoise had a race, and while the hare was sleeping, the tortoise kept going and won in the end. 

 The lesson of the story is that even if you are talented, you can still lose if you are not careful. So you should never be careless, and even if you are a slow learner, if you keep working hard and don't give up, you will win in the end. 


Of course that is why the tortoise beat the hare, but there is another big difference between the hare and the tortoise. 


The difference is “What was their goal?” 

 The hare's goal was to beat the tortoise, so he was too proud and let his guard down because he was so far ahead of the tortoise. 

 In other words, the hare was only looking at his competitor, the tortoise. 

 The tortoise, on the other hand, was probably not looking at the hare, but at the goal. 


The hare and the tortoise had different goals. 

 Some people point out that is why the tortoise won. 

 If you only look at and think about beating your competitor, you will soon find yourself letting your guard down, not putting in enough effort, and losing. 

 The only way to achieve success is to set a clear goal for yourself and work hard to achieve it. 


There is a lot of competition in the world, and sometimes you have to compete with your opponent. 


However, if you are only concerned about your opponent, you may end up falling behind and forgetting what is important. 


The important thing is to set a goal and work towards it, not to beat others. 


The person who wins the battle with himself, step by step, will eventually reach the farthest point. 


In order not to lose sight of what is important, it is necessary to go back to the starting point and reevaluate. 

Translated by Yuki Naito