The secret to changing one's fate

"Change your mind and you change your behavior, change your behavior and you change your habits, change your habits and you change your personality, change your personality and you change your destiny.” 


You may have heard the above quote before. 

The source is unclear. Some say it is from William James, Wayne W. Dyer or even Hinduism. 


In any case, I think the lesson that you can change your destiny by changing your mind has influenced many people. 


By changing your mind first, you can change your future. 

By changing your mind, you can change the world. 

The world is like a mirror that reflects our own mind. 

What kind of mind you have will change the way the world looks. 


If you look at the world with fear, you will see dead trees as ghosts. 

If you look at the world with a cheerful heart, the world will look beautiful. 

You can't change your environment right away, but you can change your mind. 

Your mind is the only realm that you can freely control. 

It is difficult to change other people's minds, but you can change your own mind. 

By changing your mind in this way, you will gradually change the environment around you. 

And eventually, even your destiny will change. 


That's what this quote teaches us. 

If you want to change your destiny, it is important to change your mind first. 

Translated by Yuki Naito