“I love you because you are you”

“I love you because you are you.” 
It is said that Carl Rogers, an American psychologist, left this remark. 

Living in a competitive society, sometimes you can't believe in yourself and wonder what you are living for. 

The time when you get in trouble for messing up many times. 
The time when you broke your heart.  
The time when you lost your job. 
The time when everything you have ever built is gone. 
The time when you became ill. 

A couple days ago, IKEE Rikako, the Japanese swim star, made an amazing comeback after she was diagnosed with leukemia and spent 10 months hospitalized for the treatment, in addition, she lost weight in order to treat the disease. 
Her revival was incredible, so many people were impressed by her. 
On the other hand, there are many people who can’t do the same things they did before.  
Some make efforts to become athletes, but they get injured and can’t achieve their dreams. 

When they do everything they can do for their dreams, they tend to worry about the purpose to live life in the case of losing the dream. 

You agonize over the reason why you are here when you can’t find your good points and see only bad points. 

Then I would like you to remember the words I introduced at the beginning. 

- “I love you because you are you.” 

You were born on Planet Earth since you have the purpose. In some cases, you don’t see the points of living, however there is a deep meaning behind this. 

Even though you don’t have special talents, even though you are not superior to other people, you deserve to exist on Gaia. 
                                                                                                            Translated by Yoshi