A Precious Spiritual Truth - We All Have Divinity

 We were born on the earth with physical bodies, but originally our essence is the soul. 

And we all have divinity, or Buddha-nature, in the depths of our souls. 

We are not just lumps of flesh, but children of God and Buddha who have been separated from the great source. 

This leads to the idea that we have value and that human rights should be respected. 

If we were just lumps of matter, there would be no special value in us.  

Then, we would lose the distinction between the death of a human being and the failure of a machine. 

Materialism makes people believe that they are nothing but matter and that their life ends with death, in order to conceal our true essence. It also increases the number of people who live according to their desires and ego. 

However, there are also some religions that teach that humans are sinful beings and degrade their value. 

But such a thought does not give rise to human dignity, and humans are only understood as weak beings who live clinging to a fearful God who punishes sinful humans. 

The great gospel is that each and every one of you has a wonderful nature and is a divine being. 

This will enlighten the human beings who have been made invisible to the truth. 

Translated by Kyoko.u