Spiritual Truth: The Basics We Need to Know about Spirituality


What is the fundamental spiritual truth that we need to know? 


It is that our physical body is not our true nature, but the soul that resides in this body is our true identity. 



What pollutes Gaia

Talking about pollution on the earth, you focus on environmental problems and natural destruction. 


What is the Greatest Happiness Given to Human Beings?

 It is said that human beings were created in the image of God. 

I think the main reason for this is that we have a high degree of freedom. 


We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect


We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect 

We are not perfect and can’t do everything. 


Cherish the Encounters with People and Pave the Way


It is not easy for us to understand the souls of others. 

So we judge people by their outward impressions and actions. 


Reincarnation of Mu and Atlantis

The other day, I talked about the topic that people who lived in the last days of Atlantis were reborn today. 


Our Civilization Will Go the Way of Atlantis?

 Probably you have heard that there used to be a legendary land called the Continent of Atlantis. 

Plato, a philosopher, described this continent.  


Why are We Born into the World Where Suffering Exists? Spiritual Message

From the time we are born on earth, we experience sorrow, suffering, and separation from our loved ones. 


Big Events Hit Earth

The new coronavirus infection spread and it became a pandemic. 


“We’re putting love back into the world to remind the world that love is important.” -Michael Jackson

   He was dubbed the “King of Pop” and has been loved by music fans all over the world. 

It has been 12 years since Michael Jackson passed away. 

The Magic Method to Heal Your Loved One


I’d like to share with you a method to heal your lover, partner, or someone in your family who is deeply hurt, grieving, or who can't stop feeling negativity. 

There are people in the world who are called “healers,” and you may think that healing is done only by those special people. 


Your Destiny Depends on Books and Videos You Touch

There is a lot of fortune-telling that is based on your birthday, blood type or the letters of your name. 


Is it a channeling message from poet? 『Rosa Alchemica』and W.B.Yeats

 I wrote this poem when I had an inspiration before. 



The Power that Bad Situations Turn for the Better


Many people hope circumstances around them will get better. 


Gifts from the universe and the ways of accepting them


There is a flow in the universe. 


How to be Free from Anxiety and Fear in a Crisis

 There are concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus and the coming economic recession, so now is not a time of normalcy, but a time when crisis is close at hand. 

What is the Meaning of the Agony and the Grief? -Listen to Spiritual Messages.


Sometimes people blame others or themselves for the agony and the grief happening under their nose. 


Improve our self-competence with words

The other day I introduced the idea of how to increase the power of words. 


May You Be Wrapped up in Love and Light

 The Tokyo Olympics kicked off on Friday.  

Just then, I guess that people in Okinawa prefecture, especially the Sakishima islands including Miyako and Ishigaki, had a hard time due to typhoon damages. 


Have a happy mentality

 It is in fact only a few external events that influence our happiness, while most of our happiness is induced by our own mentality. 


What is Behind the COVID-19 Crisis?

 The universe where we live coexists the shadow universe, which is in the opposite position. 


A Spiritual Way to Make Your Dreams Come True

In order to open the way to the future, we need to dream big.  


We Enter the Era of Forced Reset


You tend to think ordinary days will have been going on forever. 


How to Overcome a Sense of Inferiority: Gaining a New Perspective


There are many people who dwell on their inferiority feelings. 


What we need to make an official contract with extraterrestrial intelligence

There are so many deferent extraterrestrial intelligences who came from various planets on the earth.  

How to become the person you want to be

We all lack self-confidence or are uncomfortable with ourselves, and we all wish we could be better. 



How do animals progress through their spiritual evolution? What can be the cause of the degradation of human soul?

There are various kinds of animals in the natural world, and there are various phases or in manifestations of their souls. 


The Attributes of Lofty Souls.

When you were born on Earth, you left the memory of your previous life. 

Embracing Failure Eases the Mind|How to Let Go of Perfectionism

If you try to achieve perfection in everything, you will get choked and your mind will suffer. 


The 80/20 rule of attracting happiness

 Even though we think we are trying our best, we sometimes lose sight of what is important and let go of our happiness. 


What you should do for spiritual richness

 What you should do for spiritual richness 

In this world, even though you are surrounded with a lot of stuff and live a rich life, it is not the true value. 


Only those who are ready can be helped.

No matter how troubled a person is, the opportunity to help him or her will only come if the person wants help and is ready to receive it. 


Predictions for Humanity's Future Society: Will the Evolution of AI Lead to Utopia or Dystopia?

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to evolve, it is said that our jobs will be replaced by AI-equipped machines (robots). 


You are the protagonist of your life.


From a place with a fine view, I look over countless houses.  

You were born on Earth to accomplish something.

You were born on Earth to accomplish something. 

In the words of Ryoma Sakamoto, "To be born in the world is to accomplish something.” 


Those who seek the misfortune of others will eventually destroy themselves.

When you don't like someone, you can't help but want to drag them down or wish them misfortune. 

When a rival appears, we wish they were not there. 



A fake self and a true self

 The other day, there was a talk about Jitomyo as Buddha’s the last words on the TV program. 

The truth of “Ami: Child of the Stars”

Let me share my impression about the book “Ami: Child of the Stars”. 

I realized some people had souls that were reincarnated from other planets, when I saw through people’s previous life.  


Dear Space Brothers 4 :Spiritual Message

 In twinkling stars of this universe, many souls filled with light are living. 


How to Dig for Diamonds in the Rough

There is a famous legend in America. 


The Pleiadians and the Swan Maiden Tale Ascension: The demise of Reincarnation

You may know the legend of “Hagoromo”― the robe of celestial maidens. 

I’d like to summarize the story.


Solutions for people who are overly self-conscious

There are many people who can't help but worry too much about what others think of them. This can cause a lot of hassle and trouble for them. 



What is the most important factor in your lack of success?

There are many books in the world that introduce various know-how for success. 

Dear Space Brothers 1 :Spiritual Message

Earth is a place that accepts souls from many different planets. 



“I love you because you are you”

“I love you because you are you.” 

Effective Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Our spirit guides are always here to support and guide you, especially when you are at a crucial stage of life.  

However, in order to allow you to receive more spiritual guidance and support from your spirit guides, here are some important things to be aware of. 


The secret to changing one's fate

"Change your mind and you change your behavior, change your behavior and you change your habits, change your habits and you change your personality, change your personality and you change your destiny.” 


Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

  "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” 



There is Nothing Wasted in Life

When you look back on your past, various regrets may come to mind. 


Why did the tortoise beat the hare?

Why was the tortoise able to beat the hare? What is the real reason? 


It starts with realising how happy you are.

We all wish to be happy, but sometimes we overlook the happiness we already have. 


How to solve problems when you can't make a decision|Balance Sheet for Life

When you can't make a decision about which choice to make, here are some tips to help you solve the problem.