The Attributes of Lofty Souls.

When you were born on Earth, you left the memory of your previous life. 

You don’t know who you are and start your life from nothing. 

In their past life, some people achieved great results, others were self-indulgent. 

However, each person starts their life as a baby who can’t stand alone. 

Gradually, you show the talent you possess. 

A high-minded person does a magnificent job. 

Among ordinary people, some have great and sublime spirits.


You may one of the people who have great and sublime spirits. 

What are the features of elevated souls? 

In my opinion, the common quality is a strong sense of mission. 

Worthy souls come to this planet with a deep sense of mission. 

They have strong feelings to fulfil their duty. 

If they are not motivated and don’t feel obligated to do something, probably they aren’t grand souls. 

In addition, they have indomitable will to overcome difficulties many times. 

High-minded people hold a deep sense of mission and persistence. 

They will not give up after making mistakes once or twice. 

They face big problems and fail, but challenge themselves over and over again. 

 At last, they overcome big obstacles. 

Of course, you can find different traits from birth. 

You should follow exalted souls and proceed with grit.  

Finally, that will enhance your soul. 

You should do what you can without excuses. 

In the distant past, one common soul existed.  

Eventually, it got better and changed to be a pioneer. 

That means you have potential to become a lofty soul. 

I really hope your souls will improve as noble ones. 

                                                                                        Tanslated by Yoshi