We Enter the Era of Forced Reset


You tend to think ordinary days will have been going on forever. 

You are seized by the illusion that you can live the same as usual. 

In fact, all things are not permanent. 

Everyone has a time when their life changes. 

Buddhism tells us that “All things must pass.”  

In other words, everything has been changing, nothing can stay the same. 

A lot of people enter a new era when their life will be reset compulsorily. 

Now is the time that the current life is reset and you have to start over. 

For example, when you use a computer for a long time, your PC is frozen and it doesn’t operate properly. 

You keep clicking and clicking, but nothing happens.  

In that case, you switch it off and on again, so reboot it. 

Smartphones are acting weird, you start it up again. 

As described, you also have a moment when you need to restart your life. 

You get rid of the way you’ve always done it and you have to restart. 

To tell the truth, more and more people will lose their jobs and companies will go bankrupt. 

You are going to live in the period when solid systems will be broken. 

Some people find that business has been stagnant just because of COVID-19 or tax increase. 

However, the bigger waves of change will hit Earth. 

You may not believe this now, please remember when things will happen sometime. 

Many people will be caught in big waves of change and have to restart their life. 

That is not the end, it is just the beginning. 

It means you rebuild your life. 

Among successful people in business, many went through bankruptcy in the past and considered failure as a springboard, after all they made a success of their business. 

To fly high, you need to crouch down. 

Among the readers, many of you must reset your life. 

I guess you may go through hardships. 

If you never give up and have the will to rebuild your life, you can restart anytime, anywhere. 

When you change your mind, you can start over your life however you like. 

Then, if you lose hope, your mind will draw into darkness. 

When you find a thread of light at the end of the dark tunnel, you can step forward to the right place. 

It seems to be covered with darkness, but sprouts for the new world are ready to come out under the ground. 

With hope, you should survive to experience and enjoy the new world. 

You don’t give up during wintertime and go forward in a blizzard. 

You’re the ones who can leap into the new globe. 

I hope all of you will move forward to Earth in the next phase. 

Translated by Yoshi