A Spiritual Way to Make Your Dreams Come True

In order to open the way to the future, we need to dream big.  

If we don't have dreams, we will be easily swept away by reality. 

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we gradually lose sight of our goals and become like a boat drifting in the sea. 

Dreams are our pilots, guiding us to our destination. 

In order to make dreams come true, we need to visualize them in concrete terms. 

In the world, it is said that you have to put your wishes into your subconscious mind, but in reality, it means that you have to send your wishes to your guardian spirits, gods and Buddha with a strong will. 

Because such spiritual beings are not well understood to the world, they use the word such as “subconscious mind.” 

We need to show that our wishes are sincere in order to make our dreams come true. 

Spiritual beings are invisible, but they watch over us and secretly consider whether we are worthy of fulfilling our desires. 

They consider whether fulfilling our dreams will corrupt us or negatively affect self-discipline in our life. 

Because of this fact, we on earth must also continue to make sincere efforts.  

Gods and Buddha are the parents of our souls, and they desire and delight in our growth. 

In a sense, spiritual beings are looking at us on earth as if we were their children. 

Let’s say you are a parent, you will think it is not good for your children to buy any toy they want. 

Similarly, gods and Buddha do not think it is good to immediately fulfill all the dreams and desires of the people on earth.  

As a parent of souls, they want to support us when they see that we are working diligently and putting enough effort in.  

Therefore, we on earth must live our lives thinking that all our efforts are being watched. 

In order to make your dreams come true, it is important to think of your dreams clearly and put them into words in order to communicate them to spiritual beings such as your guardian spirits.  

Clearly expressing your dreams in words, envisioning them and writing them down is effective in making them come true. 

Place the written text where you can see it at any time.  

This is an effective way to make your dreams come true. 

Translated by Kyoko.u