May You Be Wrapped up in Love and Light

 The Tokyo Olympics kicked off on Friday.  

Just then, I guess that people in Okinawa prefecture, especially the Sakishima islands including Miyako and Ishigaki, had a hard time due to typhoon damages. 

I hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible. 

According to the news, another typhoon was about to form over the sea southeast of Japan. 

The typhoon is forecast to approach Japan’s main island, following an unusual course. 

I’m afraid storms are likely to come on top of this typhoon.  

May you be wrapped up in Light and Love.   

I pray tomorrow will come full of love and light as today was a great day. 

I pray the athletes will escape disaster and have an amazing experience. 

I pray their hard work for years will pay off and they will leave a legacy. 

I pray their performance will touch the people of Japan and the world. 

I pray Love and Light will reach you browsing this site. 

I pray you will be filled with Light and you’ll share it around you. 

May the Lord guide us. 

                                                   translated by Yoshi