What is Behind the COVID-19 Crisis?

 The universe where we live coexists the shadow universe, which is in the opposite position. 

You can say it is the antagonism between the light and the dark. 

The quality of these two, the light and the dark, comes from different energy. 

I categorize as follows. 

The light group has energy for love and service. 

The dark group has energy that makes people frightened and controls them. 

In many places of the universe, the battles between the light and the dark have existed for billions of years. 

In space areas, some stars disappeared due to these hostilities. 

It seems that planets, where intelligent beings had lived and embraced civilization like Earth, ruined because the dark side invaded. 

Everywhere in the universe, the similar events happened. 

Some engaged in battles against the dark side to achieve the victory for the light. 

At the same time, the dark people who tried to destroy the world by force operated behind the scenes. 

The dark group was supported by the shadow universe and did activities in the universe. 

These conflicts also occur in our planet, Earth. 

Extraterrestrial beings called gods are classified into the light and the dark. 

The light group brings love energy to Earth and help human evolution, on the other hand, the dark group gains the energy with fear. 

Meanwhile, incidents occurring on Earth began to reveal the parts affected by the light or the dark side. 

Before, Earth had the creation time filled with light. 

The age is memorized that people lived in the Garden of Eden. 

However, Earth was encroached by dark force, gradually some started to rebel. 

Probably you have heard the story that once angels degraded and turned into fallen angels.  

 After then, they started to take side with the force of darkness. 

By these cases, dark parts were revealed.   

Since then, the conflicts between the light and the dark have been even more severe. 

It has still continued, so some make great things as light messengers, others wreak havoc on Earth. 

Humankind are being tested where to go, to the light or to the darkness. 

This is not somebody’s problem, you are in the drama that the light and the darkness are battling in this magnificent universe. 

It is time to show which side to choose. 

Souls dwell within bodies on Earth, then you are affected under the big impact of darkness. 

In the material world, waves are rough, the dark side has a great influence on you easily. 

You can find the battle between Light and Darkness is behind the ongoing coronavirus crisis. 

Coronavirus didn’t come from nature and the pandemic didn’t occur by chance. 

Someone deliberately created it. 

Behind the scenes, aliens in the dark side have taken part in the affairs. 

They have the purpose that they frighten people and rule by terror. 

Exactly, people in power tighten regulations and freedom is restricted. 

Dark side group is planning to take over Earth just during COVID-19 crisis. 

To avoid that prospect, many people must be awakened to the truth. 

These incidents are not somebody’s business, but your business. 

The fights between Light and Darkness happening in the universe impact on Earth under the coronavirus pandemic. 

We are on the verge of the phase that humans are divided into the light or the dark. 

Humankind is tested which side we will take on. 

Now is the time to choose which side we select. 

We are at the crucial point that we need to make such a big decision. 

                                                                                       Translated by Yoshi