What we need to make an official contract with extraterrestrial intelligence

There are so many deferent extraterrestrial intelligences who came from various planets on the earth.  

Some of them are active to achieve peace and prosperity of the whole universe. 

One of their wishes is to let us know that the current humankind consists of immigrants from various planets. 

Those who live on the earth think that their cultural history dates back at most a few thousand years ago. Actually, however, human civilization has repeatedly risen and fallen, and human beings have been born and died repeatedly. 

You might have heard that the ancient civilization called the Mu continent and the Atlantis continent existed on the earth. 

However, people have been living and repeating rise and fall since far ancient even older than those super ancient civilizations. 

Those who live on the earth have been connected with the universe, and affected by it, since ancient times which has been forgotten by now. 

The soul from various planets has been reborn on the earth, and lived as a human being. 

Space Brothers are sad, because humankind forgot the truth of the soul that our souls are ones gathered from various planets. 

If human beings realize that Space Brothers are the same kind and human beings are souls that moved from another planet, we can live together hand in hand. 

This is what they wish. 

I think, the official contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is ready only when many people accept such truth and have a tolerance to open up their minds to the universe. 

I hope l can tell you the truth of the soul on this blog and it will be helpful for deeper  exchanges with Space Brothers. 

Humankind already has science and technology enough to go to space. All that is left is to remember the history of a soul. That is when the official contact with extraterrestrial intelligence will be encouraged. 

Translated by Miya.s