Spiritual Truth: The Basics We Need to Know about Spirituality


What is the fundamental spiritual truth that we need to know? 


It is that our physical body is not our true nature, but the soul that resides in this body is our true identity. 


We are beings who will one day shed our bodies and return to the world of light.  


At that time, we can not bring our bodies, money, land, status, or honor back to the other world.  


We cant bring anything that only works in this world back to the other world. 


If you are too attached to the things of this world, you may not be able to return to the world of light and become a ghost wandering the earthly world. 


Some people still cling to the land or house they acquired during their lifetime, even after they die, claiming that the place belongs to them, and eventually become what is called a land-bound spirit (ghost bound to a specific physical location). 


Since we cannot bring back to the other world those things that only work in this world, we have to get rid of our attachment to them in order to return to the other world smoothly and be purified. 


I believe it is because of this spiritual truth that the Buddha said that we should let go of our attachments. 


The Buddha taught that everything in this world changes, and that all worldly things are impermanent. 


The things of this world, like the sand that trickle through your fingers when you try to grab it, will not stay with you forever, but will eventually leave you. 


The body, which is the vessel of the soul in this world, will not remain young and healthy forever, but will one day decline and disease will appear. 


Even if you are young and beautiful, one day you will see spots and wrinkles on your skin, and you will feel it fading. 


Even if you have a lot of wealth in this world, there will come a time when you will lose it. 


Even if you are successful in this world and are admired by many people, there will come a time when people will forget you and you will lose your former glory. 


Things in this world dont stay forever, they go away with time just like the flow of a river. 


Therefore, clinging to them forever will eventually cause suffering. 


Then, what is it that we can bring back to the other world? 


That is the most important thing you need to know about spirituality.  


What you can take back with you to the other world is your heart, the tendency of your thoughts, and your belief. 


What kind of heart do you have? What do you believe in and what have you lived for? These qualities and characteristics will be carried over to the next life.  


If you leave for the other world with a good heart, you will go to the spirit world where good people live. 


Those who rob something from others or hurt people without compunction in order to fulfill their own desires will descend into the dark spirit world where those who are inconsiderate of others like them live. 


Eventually, after death, your heart will be like the passport to the world you will go, where is appropriate to the state of mind you have maintained during your life in this world. 


Even if you have a title or an honorable job in this world, or if you are the prime or the president of a big company, it will not work in the other world, but only the nature of your heart will be your passport or identity in the afterlife. 


Whether you return to the world of light or descend into the dark spirit world for soul relearning as a failed student depends on your identity, which is your heart. 


Those who have departed to the other world with a greater heart will return to the higher spiritual world, which is a higher dimension of the world of light. 


They are great souls who are called angels and bodhisattvas.  


They may not necessarily be famous or award-winning in this world. 


Some may have died in obscurity, even though they may have had pure hearts and loving thoughts. 


For example, the Japanese novelist Kenji Miyazawa did not become famous until after his death, and if his family and supporters had not made efforts to spread his works to the world after his death, he would have remained unknown. 


As just described, even if you live a life of obscurity in this world, if your heart is shining brightly, you will return to the higher spiritual world. 


If your heart is dark and clouded by your ego, the world you return to in the afterlife will be a dark and harsh place, no matter how famous you become in this world and no matter how respected you are as a great person. 


What you can bring back to the other world is your heart. How well you disciplined yourself and made the nature of your heart better in during your lifetime will be checked in the afterlife. 


Therefore, in this world, it is important to make an effort to make our heart better and to do spiritual training. 


It is important to face our egos and ask ourselves Is it possible that I have hurt someone because of my selfishness?or Is there anything I can do to help others? By controlling our mind to correct our ego and to have love in your heart, we can bring good things back to the other world. 



Translated by Kyoko.u